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By James Kwak

These were down for the past few days. I think it is related to something I did to create the PDF archive a few days ago. I switched the setting back yesterday so I’m hoping the email updates will be back as of this evening.

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  1. Thank you for your commentaries.
    Maybe you can comment on what happened yesterday with the P&G stock and NYSE, etc. ??? I’m lost on that one !
    Enjoyed seeing you and Simon on Bill Moyers final show.
    Many thanks !!!

  2. James,

    I have been having problems posting comments lately.

    I may have been banned by a robot program because I posted a commment with a quote from Ritholtz with the word sh** (no asterixes used by Ritholtz.)

    I hope I did not do anything more seriously wrong. I have learned a great deal about economics and the causes of the global financial crisis, since joining Baseline Scenario.

    Many thanks

  3. James always takes care of the readers with the technical glitches. And he’s not too snobbish to answer readers questions in the comment threads. That’s one of the ways this site is superior.

    One thing that bothers me and scares me (and it may be totally unrelated to the P&G stock trading fiasco yesterday) is we now have FINRA (The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) policing trading violations on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). FINRA is a self-regulatory group. Self-regulation almost never works. So it gives me that same queasy feeling I got when Gramm-Leach-Bliley was passed and when Phil Gramm’s Commodities Modernization Act was passed. FINRA policing trades on the NYSE has “TROUBLE” written all over it in neon lights. And if we had any type of responsible government, they would either totally disallow this relationship or be all over it like flies on horse crap.

  4. James, dont’worry. We can all copy the posts and paste them into Word or equivalent word processor.

  5. Baseline Scenario,

    We count on you for your rational explanations and research. For the past year, you’ve been instrumental in shaping the discussion platform on financial reform based on rationality, ethics, values and what is best for society overall. We thank you for the tremendous value you bring.

    What was going on with Blackrock’s high yield fund,HYV, 20 minutes before the precipitous drop in the DOW?, last Thursday?

    Please, take a look at the Graph in the link below.

    Why did Charles Schwab close its online trading platform and phone system from 2:45 EST to 4:00PM, on Thursday May 6th, preventing the retail investor from protecting and/or enhancing their hard-earned savings, during the most unusual market movements in the history of the stock market?

  6. Thanks to James and Simon for all their work in creating and maintaining Baseline Scenario.

  7. Charles Schwab has been a joke for years, I’m trying to remember but I think I took my money out of them and transferred it to another (Canadian) discount broker around 1996??? Not sure the exact year. I was asking one of the Schwab brokers on the phone why I was always getting screwed by an extra 1/4 points on the bid/ask Nasdaq trades over and over again, and his implied answer was basically “bite me”. Needless to say within 48 hours I had my money out and was doing research on a new one.

    Another discount broker, I’m not going to say the name, “cold called” my Mom like they were running a “boiler room” and conned her into getting these incredibly low yielding ETFs with their name on it. I did some research and she’s getting charged rates for an account with high fees and the ETF isn’t even what they call “actively” managed. Some guy in New York was getting payed for doing nothing with my Mom’s retirement money.

    You can’t trust any of these basterds. And I tell you, there are people out there less knowledgeable than me, I promise you, and I don’t even want to know how many are getting “jacked” out of their savings, including old people who had no business selling out their stocks before March of 2009 so some ASS_OLE could collect fees and commissions on their IRA.

  8. Was curious to know why Google shows up with this description “7 May 2010 … figured out how to report to Facebook that is really a religious cult indoctrination site, and therefore someone at..” for ‘Baseline Scenario’ ?

  9. They kneel to the original Proctor and Gamble logo while saying incantations from Stephenie Meyer novels. If the ritual is done correctly the Ghost of Thomas Jefferson appears out of nowhere and throws a cocktail into Dick Shelby’s face.

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