Download the Blog – New and Improved!

By James Kwak

I finally came up with a better way to create a downloadable blog archive (always available via the “Download the Blog in PDF” link under Navigation in the right-hand sidebar). Now the archive is up to date (through April 2010) and you can download it in PDF, Kindle, or EPUB format. And it has clickable bookmarks for each individual post.

Thanks go to Joss Winn, Martin Hawksey, Feedbooks, and Yahoo! Pipes. See the archive page itself for a technical description.

5 thoughts on “Download the Blog – New and Improved!

  1. Fanstastic tool, I’m going to test it on my kindle right now ! I was already doing it, just important post per important post and I didn’t have most of the older material.

  2. A scary thought for those of us who have mental volcanic eruptions on this site. That’ll teach me not to vent on the internet like it’s my personal diary eh???

  3. Actually, the archive doesn’t have comments. I wouldn’t mind it having comments, but those are in a separate feed. And if I published that feed separately, it wouldn’t make any sense, because comments on all the posts would be jumbled together.

  4. Sure would be nice if Simon could give us his thoughts on the latest developments in Europe. Specifically, does Trichet start QE soon, if at all, and what would be the consequences of such a move for Germany?

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