Economic Commentary from 30 Rock

Who needs blogs? Just listen to Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin).

To Kenneth Parcell (Jack McBrayer), in Season 3, Episode 4:

“Next stop homeownership. [Pause] I’m just kidding. The middle class is dying. You’ll be renting forever.”

To Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), in Season 3, Episode 8:

“What do we elites do when we screw up? We pretend it never happened and give ourselves a giant bonus.”

(Yes, I am way, way, behind. My wife and I only watch TV shows on DVD or streaming [Netflix or Hulu], we watch very little TV at that, and for all of 2009 we were watching Battlestar Galactica [still two episodes left].)

By James Kwak

11 thoughts on “Economic Commentary from 30 Rock

  1. “30 Rock” is a show that’s not funny about another show that’s not funny. But perhaps my sense of humor is just not sophistimacated enough.

    Not sure when Battlestar Galactica jumped the shark, exactly, but it was well before where you are. First couple of seasons were decent.

    There has not been anything really good on TV since The Prisoner. (The original, that is.)

  2. Don’t watch the last episode of BSG, it will only make you mad. I’m not kidding. Don’t do it.

  3. Number Seven is correct. The series finale is awful. You’d have a more entertaining time hanging out at the city morgue.

  4. Oh James, I have to be careful what I say you know. I have this tendency to type and speak out things (especially with people I feel comfortable with) that other normal people just keep to themselves. 30 Rock is one of the 3 best fictional shows on TV in my opinion, together with “House M.D.” and “24”.

    But how can I say this James without royally pissing you off…. things must be very very good with the wife James if you can manage to sit through Battlestar Galactica, I mean that must be very very good James….

  5. Here’s a song by ZZ top I’d like to dedicate to Martha Coakley. I feel the lyrics are quite appropriate. A Democrat losing in Massachusetts. If I was her I’d forget about running for PTA.

  6. Nowadays if I think of something like the (original) Battlestar Galactica movie, and how those suckers on the planet thought the cylons had agreed to “Peace”, I think of America vis the banks and big corporations.

    Their Pearl Harbor is just more protracted and doesn’t involve literal explosives (yet).

  7. The Cylons kill everybody, and then to celebrate re-enact The Pirates of Penzance. There James, I just saved you two hours.

  8. Watch the first hour of the series finale. There’s an important showdown/standoff that occurs, and then immediately after, The Fonz shows up and starts jumping space sharks.

  9. You are to television as Geithner is to economics. I don’t like 30 Rock either, but to say that there hasn’t been anything good in over thirty years? You’re either willfully blind or, more likely, a curmudgeon whose life is so boring he needs to tug on people’s chains to get a rise out of them.

  10. Actually a brief accurate description. My take is it was like setting off wet fireworks. A lot of suspense, but mostly fizzle.

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