Tech Support

Email updates

Our email updates are sent by Feedburner, but they look like they come from thebaselinescenario [at] gmail [dot] com. If you signed up but aren’t getting updates, you may have to add thebaselinescenario [at] gmail [dot] com to your contacts list to get through your spam filter.

Feedburner does not include author names in its email updates. So we are going to try to start manually adding our names at the ends of posts.

Unsubscribing or changing your email address

For reasons not worth going into, it is much easier for you to do this yourself than for us to do it. Every email has an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom; just click on that and your current address will be unsubscribed. If you want to change to a new address, just go back to any page on the blog, click on “Daily Email Updates” on the right, and enter the new address.

Font size in email updates

I can’t change the font size in our email updates, but here are some suggestions.

If you check your email in a browser (using a web-based email client), then you can probably control the font size of your browser. In Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, you press Ctrl and = at the same time (Command and = on a Mac) and all the fonts get bigger. In Internet Explorer, under the View menu, there are a Text Size option and a Zoom option that may be helpful.

If you check your email in a program like Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird, the program itself may have a way of controlling all the fonts.

Font size on the blog

If the fonts on the blog are too small, I have three recommendations:

  1. Find an RSS reader that you like and that lets you control the font size.
  2. Use Readability, which is also available as a Chrome extension; in Safari, click the “Reader” button in the address bar.
  3. Use Ctrl/Command and = to boost font sizes in your browser.