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Participate in MIT Global Crisis Class (Webcast)

Hopefully (technology permitting), Tuesday at 4pm (Boston time) you will be able to watch class #2 of our special seminar on the global crisis, through this link:


The goal is to give you a sense of the discussion at MIT, and also to let you participate – you can post questions here either in advance or during the class (we’ll monitor the webpage); or you can send by email (baselinescenario at gmail dot com).

The topics will be:

1. Where do we stand in the overall crisis at this moment?  (Including what central banks have been doing, particularly since last week)

2. What is the case for a fiscal stimulus in the U.S.?  Here we’ll discuss my testimony to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, posted here.  If you can read one thing in advance of class, please look at this.

3. What will be (and should be) the agenda for the G20 meeting in Washington on November 14-15? On this, we will talk with Arvind Subramanian, a leading strategist on emerging markets’ economic diplomacy.

4. And there will plenty of time for an open discussion based on topics that students want to air.

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