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Baseline Scenario Catches Up to Last Year’s Technology

I finally bothered to figure out how to push new posts (well, links to new posts) into the status messages of our Facebook page. This means that if you are or become a fan of that page, links to new posts will magically appear on your Facebook home page (which they keep redesigning–does anyone besides me find it annoying when Web 2.0 companies keep changing their user interfaces around and forcing you to figure out how they work every couple months?).

I’m doing it this way: Blog -> RSS -> Twitterfeed -> Twitter -> Selective Tweets Facebook application -> Facebook page. So if you follow the Twitter feed you won’t miss anything that’s on Facebook.

Alternatively, if you use Facebook and want to stay within Facebook, you can go to our Facebook page and click on the RSS/Blog tab to read full posts.

As for me, I stopped using Facebook many months ago.

By James Kwak