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The Last Hold Out: Senator Blanche Lincoln Against 13 Bankers

By Simon Johnson

By now you have probably realized – correctly – that “financial reform” has turned into a victory lap for Wall Street.

When they saved the big banks, with massive unconditional support (both explicit and implicit) over a year ago, top administration officials promised they would be back later to fix the underlying problems.  This they – and Congress – manifestly have failed to do.

Our banking structure remains unchanged, the rules will be tweaked at the margins, and the incentive and belief system that lies behind reckless risk-taking has only become more dangerous.  (The back story, if you can still stomach it, is in 13 Bankers).

There is only one small chance for any sensible progress remaining – and you are about to see this crushed in conference by the supporters of unfettered big banks. Continue reading “The Last Hold Out: Senator Blanche Lincoln Against 13 Bankers”