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When Will Senator Dodd Start Taking Yes For An Answer?

By Simon Johnson, co-author of 13 Bankers

Senator Chris Dodd is a tactical legislative genius – keep this clearly in your mind during the days ahead.  In terms of maneuvering for the outcomes he seeks, managing the votes, and controlling the floor, you have rarely seen his equal.

Senator Dodd wants some financial reform – enough to declare victory – but not so much as to seriously undermine the prevalence of megabanks on Wall Street.  You can take whatever view you like on his motivation – but Senator Dodd himself is quite open about his thinking and intentions.

Given the mounting pressure from many sides – including Federal Reserve Bank presidents – to implement significantly more reform (see also David Warsh’s Sunday evening assessment), for example using some version of the Brown-Kaufman SAFE banking act, how exactly will Senator Dodd prevail? Continue reading “When Will Senator Dodd Start Taking Yes For An Answer?”