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Peter Fox-Penner Replies

On October 24, we published a guest post, “Patchwork Fixes, Conflicting Motives, And Other Things To Avoid: Some Lessons From the Regulated Non-Financial Sectors,” by Peter Fox-Penner.  Below is his response to some of your more than 200 comments.

As a stuck-in-the-last-century guy, I’m remiss in not replying to the many comments to my guest post. As an I-O (industrial organization) economist, I learned a lot more than I contributed reading the many colloquies.  Here are just a few general observations stimulated by the discussion:

To start off, there seems to be agreement on the difficulty of measuring risk, either because there is no transparency and/or the instruments are so darn complex.  Incidentally, the best short piece I’ve ever read on the emerging science of systemic risk measurement is Andrew Lo’s Senate testimony; perhaps all of you have other good pieces.  The one thing I learned from Andrew’s piece is that we are a long way from knowing how to do it. Continue reading “Peter Fox-Penner Replies”