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Why Don’t The Community Banks Get It?

The continuing ability of Big Finance to play our elected representatives, and thus the taxpayer, should surprise no one.  This is about organized money against relative diffuse public interests.  It’s Mancur Olson’s Logic of Collective Action meets sophisticated media managers with experience in emerging market crises – they know that as long as you can look confident and pump in money, everything turns around and people forget (and then you can re-run the show).

More puzzling is the reluctance of other well-organized interest groups to act against Big Finance.  In particular, powerful business groups – like Independent Community Bankers of America – understand very well what happened and the way in which are largest banks were responsible.  Yet they refuse to push for regulatory reform, either in broad terms or with regard to consumer protection (e.g., see their policy statements; recent testimony).

Their reasoning is fascinating but completely wrong. Continue reading “Why Don’t The Community Banks Get It?”