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The Next Big Hearing? (Bill Moyers Tonight)

Bill Moyers asked me to join his conversation this week with Michael Perino – a law professor and expert on securities law – who is working on a detailed history of the 1932-33 “Pecora Hearings,” which uncovered wrongdoing on Wall Street and laid the foundation for major legislation that reformed banking and the stock market.

My role was to talk about potential parallels betweeen the situation in the early 1930s and today, and together we argued out whether the Pecora Hearings could or should be considered a model for today.

Bill has a great sense of timing.  On Wednesday night the Senate passed, by a vote of 92-4, a measure that would create an independent commission to investigate the causes of our current economic crisis; we taped our discussion on Thursday morning.  In the usual format of Bill’s show, a segment of this kind would be 20+ minutes, but I believe that tonight our conversation will occupy the full hour (airs at 9pm in most markets; available on the web from about 10pm). Continue reading “The Next Big Hearing? (Bill Moyers Tonight)”

Bill Moyers Journal Tonight: American Banking Oligarchs

A lot of people seem to be worrying about American bank oligarchs and how to break their political power.  Bill Moyers has obviously been thinking about these issues for a long time, and he invited me to come by yesterday to talk more about how we got into this situation and how we might – if we are very lucky – get out with our economy more or less intact.   Continue reading “Bill Moyers Journal Tonight: American Banking Oligarchs”