Media Coverage

Job growth amid long recession, NPR (2/7/09)

Transparency needed, LA Times (2/7/09)

Government debt, NPR PlanetMoney podcast and linked material on blog (2/6/09)

Bank debate, To The Point, PRI (2/5/09)

Cost of bank bailout, Christian Science Monitor (2/5/09)

Credit conditions, Marketplace (2/3/09)

Incipient protectionism, Washington Post (2/1/09)

Insuring bad assets, WSJ on-line (1/30/09)

Senate hearing, FinancialWeek (1/29/09)

IMF forecast for the UK, Sky News (1/28/09)

IMF revised forecast, Bloomberg/IHT (1/28/09)

Cost of the bank bailout, CNNMoney (1/27/09)

Comparison with 1930s, NYT (1/26/09)

Global downturn, Washington Post (1/24/09)

Bank recapitalization and the fiscal stimulus, Bloomberg TV (1/23/09)

Bank debate, CNBC (1/23/09)

Options for the banks, Joe Nocera’s blog, (1/23/09)

Why a “bad bank” is a good idea, NPR (1/23/09)

China and currency manipulation, IHT (1/23/09)

Discussion of US banking problems, Diane Rehm show, WAMU (1/22/09)

On Bank of America’s problems with Merrill, (1/22/09)

Prospects for young researchers, PlanetMoney (1/22/09)

Are we facing stagnation? NPR (1/22/09)

Pressure for banking plan, Financial Times (1/22/09)

Nationalizing banks? (1/21/09)

British economy heads down, USA Today (1/21/09)

What to do about troubled banks, MarketPlace (1/20/09)

UK bank plan, WSJ (1/20/09)

Bank overhaul, AP (1/19/09)

The struggle to recover, MarketWatch (1/19/09)

A Japanese-type recession for the US? LA Times (1/19/09)

The Swedish approach to bad assets, Washington Post (1/18/09)

Joe Nocera on the need for dramatic action in the banking sector, New York Times (1/17/09)

What next after a terrible week for banking?  NPR (1/16/09)

The terms of the TARP, TPMMuckraker (1/16/09)

Further government support for Bank of America, (1/15/09)

On economic prospects facing President Obama, Daily Mail (1/15/09)

Spelling recession, (1/12/09)

On the terms of the TARP, Bloomberg (1/09/09)

Prospects for a global fiscal stimulus, Christian Science Monitor (1/09/09)

Obama fiscal stimulus plan, Bloomberg in print (1/08/09), on TV (1/06/09)

Change in IMF lending conditions, Bloomberg (1/08/09)

Gordon Brown’s potential strategy for the G20, Reuters/Guardian (12/31/08)

The depreciating dollar; not everyone can run a current account surplus, WSJ (12/29/08)

On Latvia, (12/24/08)

On whether infrastucture spending makes sense in the US fiscal stimulus, AP (12/23/08)

We disagree with Peer Steinbruck, German Finance Minister,’s Real Time Economics (12/23/08)

Will there be a recovery in 2009?, from MarketWatch (12/19/08)

The Fed’s new strategy, and the meaning of the Fed Funds rate, from Planet Money (12/17/08).  You can also see our Interest Rates for Beginners posting.

Inflation, deflation views, on’s Real Time Economics (12/17/08)

The coming inflation… debate (12/17/08)

Planet Money: discussion with two graduate students about their career prospects (12/16/08)

On what the Fed did and is telling us it will do: clip on Nightly Business Report/PBS  and longer BBC interview (12/16/08)

On what the Fed should do next (12/14/08)

Slate’s write-up of Economist House Call conversations, from Planet Money: on not wanting to spend

After the G20 summit, BBC (11/16/08)

Planet Money: on the difficulties of wanting to retire soon (11/19/08)

The need for a second fiscal stimulus, Fox Business (11/04/08)

Marketplace interview (10/27/08)

After the wave of bank recapitalizations, Marketplace (10/15/08)

Silobreaker aggregation of recent web coverage (caution: not all for the same Simon Johnson!)

Reverbiage feeds of NPR coverage in fall 2008.

Media coverage tracked by MIT Sloan

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