Economism: Special Holiday Offer

By James Kwak

As you may have noticed by now, I have a new book coming out. It could be a perfect holiday gift for, well, maybe a handful of people out there—the father-in-law who wonders why our country’s economic policies are so screwed up, or the annoying libertarian niece who insists that we should get rid of public schools and privatize the police force, or the progressive friend who studied anthropology and is unnecessarily intimidated by economics. But even if you pre-order it, you won’t get it until around January 10.

So, here’s the offer: If you pre-order a copy of Economism as a gift for someone, I will mail you a signed card with the image of the book jacket on the front and, on the inside, an explanation of what the recipient is getting (i.e., a book that will arrive in January). That way you can give the person the card instead of the book. If you want a card, send me an email at with your name and address and the name of the person I should inscribe it to. I am planning to mail the cards out by first class mail on Saturday, December 17 (from Massachusetts), which will give them a full week to get to you before Christmas. If you need one sooner for a different holiday, let me know and I’ll do what I can.

If you send me an email by Sunday (December 11), I expect to be able to send you a card. After that point I can probably do it, but I can’t guarantee it because it depends on how many extras I order in advance.

Have a happy holiday season.

3 thoughts on “Economism: Special Holiday Offer

  1. Good luck with the sales and signatures James, tis the economic season. I have to charge for signatures now, all the people standing in line at the walmart or doctors office was too much on my fingers so I had to quit free ones.
    Now I just try to stay one step ahead of the paparazzi and call it a day. Keep up the good work and the good fight, there are always plenty of folks who need a good educaatin and good friends to get through these hard times.
    And the dungeon down under at Uconn is kind of a scary place to first timers, a no way out, dank scenario you might say.

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