Vaguely Monthly Roundup

By James Kwak

Did you know that blogging is dead? That’s what I hear, anyway. I plan to say something about it once I figure out if I have anything to say on it.

Anyway, as you have probably noticed, I do most of my sporadic writing over at Medium these days. Since I last checked in here, I wrote stories about:

I also posted an essay by Walt Glazer about inequality.

You can see all of my Medium stories here, or you can read the whole Bull Market publication (now including Brad DeLong!).

16 thoughts on “Vaguely Monthly Roundup

  1. I just read for the second time The Death and Birth ofAmerican Journalism which I highly recommend

  2. Both sides will be sharing opposition dirt on each other: magazine/story/2015/04/clinton-white-house-the-residence-excerpt-116706.html?ml=po#.VSW5lJez2iF . “Some on the staff have said that Hillary knew about Lewinsky long before it came out, and that what really upset her was not the affair itself but its discovery and the media feeding frenzy that followed.” ….. kind of sums up the “real” Hillary, I would think.

  3. James, thank you for putting direct links to your writings on Medium. I went to the Medium site a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t locate your writings. and what “2016” on here wrote about the “real” HIllary…the most important thing to remember about the Lewinsky affair for Hillary was that she LIED for Bill, blamed the “Republican Right Wing Conspiracy” for the scandal, and tried to destroy all the women who spoke out against him. There is no good reason to elect her to any other public office, EVER.

  4. Why is no candidate ALLOWED to rise up against Hillary?

    That to me is more important of a question than the bag of inane criticisms from the apparatchiks who have scratched and clawed their way to high paying sycophant jobs because their OCD brains, and let’s be honest – downright fetishism – keep lighting their hair on fire over which details like which server had stored her emails,,,,

    It’s all about the topic(s) that self-righteous LIARS THIEVES and MURDERERS – aka “politicians” and their consultants – decide to set their hair on fire over – California out of water in one year vs Hillary’s email server….?

    NO ONE has the DUTY to be loyal to the current system of “politics” and the people conducting it because it is CLEAR that the government has been the CAUSE of force and fraud against the INDIVIDUAL ala the hooliganism and zionism of homeland security.

    I will NEVER bend my knee to GLOBAL War, Drug and Slave Lords – ESPECIALLY when their private army is Homeland Security.

  5. We are an institutional gvt Annie, which is if you don’t agree with the institutional like minded people, you can easily fall victim to becoming, institutionalized. It’s a mind game that has an ending, but not a logical one. The institution was supposed to be a teacher, a lead in this field, but instead they took it upon themselves to control (anything goes too) the same people they were (human rights and all) sent to teach.
    They stepped over the line, and now have become the balls the juggler uses to amuse his customers, there are different color balls, for different types of calls, but should the juggler falls (collapse) so indeed do the balls.
    One is better off not even playing the game, or admitting it exists, their are so many different cults practicing their trade you get dizzy just trying to juggle it all, it’s not an EASY game if you are not told how to play, hillary knows how to play, and she likes the control aspect of it, but the being controlled part, not so much.

  6. Every human being has the right to make their lives less miserable through HONEST WORK.

    Your “institution” mind is what should be institutionalized, and then “we” will throw away the key…HOOLIGANS, rapists and torturers deciding who is a danger to their “religious” institution??!!

    Go ahead and IGNORE the 50 million middle class who had 50K STOLEN from them –

    MSM setting their hair on fire – not over that “oopsie, my bad economy” crash – rather they do it about a FAUX investigation into which server housed Hillary’s emails ain’t as good as the black kid doing the tap dancing so that Cheney and the Zionists get hauled into a Nuremberg trial for crimes against HUMANITY….

  7. correction – the tap dancing was so that Cheney and the LYING THIEVING AND MURDERING ZIONISTS did


    get hauled into a GLOBAL court for crimes against HUMANITY…

    what’s the deal with the Zios will the anointed candidate have to make this time – having a grandchild that is half Zio is enough?

    your “institution” is not what endowed humanity with souls, minds and changeless personalities so you have NO RIGHT to lord over what you did not create…


    Every human being has the DUTY to take down a government that is the SOURCE of force and fraud against the individual – and today it is as simple as deleting the data in one location in Utah – LOL

    When you have no $$$$ in your e-account, you have no need to worry about e-security…enjoy your freedom!

  8. It’s not my institution Annie, I am at war with those same people, they took my money too, these days you are witnessing the worst a people(s) can be, in extremely deep denial, (although you are a close second) i am doing my duty, they are on death row, the timer is running out. If they took your money, and now you have none, don’t you think you should make them more aware of their mistake on your way out, or is complaining the EASIER thing to do here because i’d rather live and complain, than die and leave a message. You are coming across as more of a coward than anything, go grab your 15 minutes, cause I don’t believe anyone besides me is listening to you right now.

  9. “We” have to get through that layer of human filth (fellow Americans who are retarded hooligans, rapists and torturers – the “deliverance boys” that inhabit “homeland insecurity” these days) in order to get to the levers of government power and shut off the neocon/Zionist’s economic genocide “server” sucking EVERY LAST PENNY out of HONEST WORKERS….and worse! – ie. giving 10K of federal taxpayer dollars to businessowners who hire and house the best and brightest from places like yemen and somalia (see story in Minneapolis) to bring down the wages of the ethnic northern europeans who BUILT THE PLACE – just like Detroit’s story….economic and cultural destruction through what they are calling “diversity” – when was this planet NOT filled with “diverse” people??!!

    People need time to have their eyes opened to the DEPTH of depravity that these people are capable of – they have infested ALL of USA through IRS, banks, and ADP and other payday check printing places….and now they have that place in Utah and the Deliverance Boys gene pool in “homeland security”…

    How can you be an atheist and then in the same breath expect to RULE THE WORLD by killing everyone who does not believe that you are “god’s chosen people”….?!

    bat sht crazy – bottom line….it ain’t “autism”

    Viagra can’t cure a rabid raccoon….

  10. Welcome to a life time of sexual frustrations, had the wizard informed everyone that the earlier you get started the longer and greater the frustrations, we might have thought twice about during puberity, if we had twice that’s is. Over coming the minds pleasures and saving yourself sounds easy and great, but it’s not so easy to do and there is no doctor too, the suffering, now that’s easy.

  11. The insane claiming to recognize insanity in the sane is beyond time-wasting as a political schtick…

    Hillary, as a Senator, voted FOR the invasion of Iraq, FOR setting up Homeland Insecurity, and FOR the bank bail outs….what part of treachery do people not understand about the FAUX 2 party system….?

  12. Senator Elizabeth Warren should stop her recent media tour de chats (CBS morning show, MSNBC, HuffPost TV, Bill Maher, etc.).

    At this point in time, speaking out only goes so far….. maybe Senator Warren wouldn’t say to the kind of not so subtle advice from Camp Hillary; that of, advising Senator Warren NOT to run in 2016 because that ENTITLEMENT goes to Hillary Clinton.

    It would be Hillary’s corporate supporters that will read between the lines in her stump speeches, media appearances, and maybe even the scenario of her trying to put her hand on the bible while taking the presidential oath in 2017, knowing and taking comfort that their bottom line won’t be adversely impacted. Perhaps, Hillary should, instead, be putting her hand on Bill’s little black book of private phone numbers and declare her policy allegiance to trickle-down economics.

    Hillary won’t address among things, Baselinescenarios’ favorite rants and other top national concerns Senator Warren has been voicing, until Hillary nearly clinches the Democratic nomination because by then, it will be too late and as far as the political operatives behind and on behalf of Hillary would calculate, Hillary won’t feel truly obligated to take on Wall Street, the One Percenters, TBTF, and anything else the majority of the public have expressed in the polling data but was and will be, voted in the contrary by Congress and through Executive orders.

    ….oh wait…. Is this Senator Warren’s threat aimed at the declared candidacy of Hillary Clinton:

    What Issue Cannot Be Solved With Money should be both parties’ motto.

    By the way there is NO DROUGHT crisis in California, as fracking (approved by Governor Brown) requires at least 100,000 gallons of water per drilling. So, turn on your water faucet and let it run would be my recommendation:

    Click to access Brown%20ordered%20firing_Series%20of%205.pdf

    Both major parties believe in money.

    Maybe it will end up the way it started, power and money corrupts, absolutely.

  13. @2016 – 480 people being worth a collective total of 2.08 TRILLION and that seems to be the price tag for making organ-grinding performance monkeys out of SCOTUS and Congress….Congress wakes up NOW to squash the Iran negotiations


    and then went on to wipe out 50 million middle class to pay for WAR LORD power plays with the worst kind of public censorship since the Inquisition – complete with TORTURE, no less….

    It is our DUTY to show no loyalty to such a “government”!

    If there is NO ONE running along with Hillary – we are FINISHED with playing the sham of a game that have become “elections”.

    This is it, people. Time’s up – start LIVING your christian values or get the hell out of the way….50 million people have NOTHING left to lose and everything to gain ala brute force….and it is NOT a pre-emptive strike, it is survival as a FREE United States of America.

    NEVER bending my knee to the GLOBAL War, Drug and Slave Lords, but if you want to bend yours and, suck it also, in order to have an ipad or iwatch, go ahead….I’ll get back to you after the dust settles with a psychobabble analysis of your gizmo fetishism….so stay out of the way, which should be easy for cowards without their power of internet hooliganism, the verbal gang fck of speculation and vicious gossip from the insane and incompetant….

    Her announcement is being broadcast now – seriously, after DECADES of power used against us, we are supposed to believe she is on our side??!!!


    the gall of the women to show so much hypocrisy…..!

  14. I agree Annie, she’s too much like my mother, and I would’nt wish my mother as president of any country on my worst enemy, not even, well, you.

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