Insider Trading and the Art Bubble

By James Kwak

I recently wrote two more articles for the Bull Market collection at Medium. The first was my explanation of the Second Circuit’s decision in United States v. Newman and Chiasson, which said that insider trading is only a crime if the original tipper gained a personal benefit from leaking confidential information, and if the eventual trader knew of that personal benefit. If you don’t like this outcome, the original problem is a poorly written Supreme Court opinion (isn’t that redundant?) from the 1980s, Dirks v. SEC.

The second article was a response to a column by James Stewart and a post by Felix Salmon about soaring prices in the art market—which, almost by definition, constitute a bubble.

15 thoughts on “Insider Trading and the Art Bubble

  1. I am not so sure about the logic in your article:

    If the “0.01% continue to take home a larger share of societal income” and put their money in a bubble is not some in the .01% at least being set up for some equalization?

    If suddenly all Warhol’s end up being just worth their frames… do we or don’t we have a better and more equal world?

    The sad part though is that this art bubble is much the result of liquidity injections like QEs which are not allowed to go to banks for further relending to small businesses and entrepreneurs, because these borrowers have by regulators been decreed as too risky for banks; an opinion they express by means of their credit-risk-weighted capital requirements for banks.

  2. Per we’ve been over this, we live in a fiat money based world. Those who control the money want to control the world (with their high interest rates). Should a return to the gold standard occur, yes all bonds, equities, art, FRN’s, could at some time be only worth the frames or paper they are written on, and so yes, many more people would be living in a better and more equal world. We love the old addage, have you ever gotten a job from a poor person, having the obvious answer. We say no, but you could lose one from a poor man, but that’s a whole nother story, aint it?

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