Law School and Radio

By James Kwak

This week I posted two things on Medium. The first was a commentary on changes in the markets for law students and lawyers. In short, if you are thinking of going to law school, the case is significantly stronger than it was four years ago. Whether it’s strong enough to pull the trigger depends on too many factors for me to say anything about your particular situation.

The second was about Serial, the new podcast from the This American Life people. Longtime blog readers know that I love love love TAL. I was really looking forward to Serial, and it had its moments. But I finally gave up on it when it framed one too many unreliable recollections with pregnant pauses and ominous music. I just don’t think there’s enough there there, at least not for me.

8 thoughts on “Law School and Radio

  1. I think you might be a good fit occasionally with KPFA when there is news in the financial sector .Contact .I remember hearing an interview you did with Mitch Jesserich which was very good .

  2. Additional education above high school graduation is always helpful. However, the burden of student loans is deterring more students away from law school, and redirecting their focus instead, on employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that do not require a law degree or medical doctor. Anyway, there are too many attorneys, lawyers, esquires per societal demand and not enough general practitioners of medicine.

    What would Hillary have to say about her law degree from Yale: “ Clinton’s timing about making a final decision and then announcing it has been a source of speculation for months, as her advisers split on whether she should get in sooner — which some former Obama advisers counseled as well — to end the appearance of being coy, or take as long as she can.

    [Hillary] She has added three new paid speeches through January and February, indicating that a formal announcement may not come until after that window. John Podesta, currently counselor to President Barack Obama and a veteran Clinton hand, is expected to serve a senior role in her campaign.” “Paid speeches through January and February” would seem to suggest the more likely scenario of not running in 2016 – the best interpretation and view of things so far. (Ref: Ref:

    Back to the real world…..

    First, they stole our land, and now… our Christmas trees. “The 88 foot spruce from Chippewa National Forest was lit tonight, officially ushering in the holiday season. Members of the Minnesota delegation were on hand to celebrate with the Architect of the Capitol, U.S. Forest Service representatives, 2014 partners along with more than 200 members of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. Aaron Urban, a 10-year-old […]”


    “I can’t breathe” pretty much describes the continuing larceny – what part of “they will not stop stealing from USA people until they have it ALL” do people still not understand??!!

    As long as someone still has 50K or more in “savings” or other retirement accounts, the CIA/Moussad algorithm has you in it’s sights!

    Justice – especially economic justice – does not exist. Just another “torture” mechanism – mental torture – lie upon lie upon lie upon lie and if you don’t buy the LIE, the psychobabble busybody babushkas come screeching out of the internet woodwork…Catholic orphanages in Poland that remained open during WWII were run by Nuns who preached the NWO religion to the shell-shocked kids – “there is no God” – which was so believable to the kids when the kids looked out the window at the ruins and the POWER of brutality. Yup, no “god” there….

    The legal profession will not be forgiven for its role in dismantling “by the people and for the people”….all because ETHICS does not have a bank account to pay a lawyer for its representation.

  4. Robbing Peter to pay-pal Paul….let’s see, where is the biggest tax benefit…charity….?

    Eureka! A “slush” fund! You knew the new Pope would “find” the money in the mattress since that is the deal behind making him a “pope”…

    So send it over to your “older brothers” in Israel, il Papa, USA tax payer HAS NO MONEY LEFT FOR THIS CLEAN UP..

    See, with double entry bookkeeping, there was ALWAYS $$$$ for maintenance of infrastructure because – ready for top of smartest economists in the world heads to explode? – the entire economy of ALL GREAT CIVILIZATIONS was agriculture set to infrastructure set to manufacturing and back again…

    486 people with 2.08 TRILLION is not an economy, a culture, a civilization, laws of physics, a government, etc. etc. etc – it is a DELUSION.

  5. man to land ratio = agriculture set to infrastructure set to manufacturing – the eternal, sustainable feed back….

    it’s not

    All of industrial age = gizmology infrastructure

  6. Is MSM news “reality” TV or is it so scripted and packaged hours/days ahead of the delivery of the actual news, that it is real time storytelling?

    Propaganda is indeed a necessary (don’t hate me, let me explain) tool for PEACEkeeping. But it cannot be as discordant in tone, logic, and facts as the stream of CNN news delivery was this Sunday morning – how are these two stories NOT deeply connected!!??

    The PR release about the tragic rescue op in Yemen: “….It is my highest responsibility to do everything possible to protect American citizens,” Obama said. “As this and previous hostage rescue operations demonstrate, the United States will spare no effort to use all of its military, intelligence and diplomatic capabilities to bring Americans home safely, wherever they are located….”.

    And now this: “We can’t equate what is happening now to what was happening 50 years ago,” Obama said, “and if you talk to your parents, grandparents, uncles, they’ll tell you that things are better, not good in some places, but better.”

    There is no way to get to a high enough ground to see the root of the problem when you are sending TRILLIONS to the Middle East to “protect” a wandering American – the Middle East with a 5000 year history of bias, prejudice and war AMONG THE SAME RACE OF PEOPLE –

    and then you say what happened 50 years ago in the USA DOES NOT MATTER….


    There are no professional propagandists committed to the “security interests of the USA” either here or abroad…it’s not even good bs or remotely sane rationalizations….who among the 486 trillion-aires is so lacking in basic human propriety that they don’t get why people are in the streets chanting “I can’t breathe” and “hands up” and instead continue to string stories together on cable news 24/7 that only proves there is no POLICY of PROTECTION – economic, religious, philosophical or political – for Americans wandering around the USA….!!

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