Cultural Capture and the Financial Crisis

By James Kwak

A few years ago, while still in law school, I was invited to write a chapter for a Tobin Project book on regulatory capture. It was a bit intimidating, being part of a project that included luminaries like David Moss, Dan Carpenter, Luigi Zingales, Richard Posner, Tino Cuellar, and the deans of two of the best law schools in the country. I was asked to write something about an idea that I had slipped into 13 Bankersalmost in passing, about the cultural prestige of the financial industry and the political and regulatory benefits the industry derived from that prestige. My chapter turned into a discussion of the various mechanisms by which status and social networks can influence regulators, creating the equivalent of regulatory capture even without traditional materialist incentives (cash under the table, promises of future jobs, etc.).

Two weeks ago, an investigation by ProPublica and This American Life illustrated the culture of deference, risk aversion, and general sucking-upitude among New York Fed bank examiners that effectively resulted in the capture of regulators by the banks they were supposed to be regulating. As David Beim wrote in a confidential report about the New York Fed, the core problem was “what the culture expected of people and what the culture induced people to do.”

I wrote about the story for the Atlantic and referred to my book chapter, but at the time the chapter was not available for free on the Internet (at least not legally). The good people at the Tobin Project have since put it up on the book’s website, from which you can download it (legally!). Note that they are only allowed to put up one chapter at a time and they rotate them, so this is a limited-time offer.

41 thoughts on “Cultural Capture and the Financial Crisis

  1. Regulatory Capture is a very serious issue. When groups or individuals have a high-stakes interest in the outcome of policy or regulatory they often focus their resources and energies in attempting to gain the policy outcomes they prefer, while members of the public, each with only a tiny individual stake in the outcome, are unable to do anything about it.

  2. When groups or individuals with a high-stakes interest in the outcome of policy they often focus their resources and energies in attempting to gain the policy outcomes they prefer, while members of the public, each with only a tiny individual stake in the outcome, have no power to effect the outcome. this is a pure form of hierarchy.

  3. Sorry, the relevant paradigm goes far beyond the natural outcome of having a regulator work within a bank, people being people and all.
    But that administrative failure and its resulting Rolex-seeking bedfellows all pale in comparison to the deeper realty present having to do with the dual mandate of the Fed to regulate the banks while being in charge of the money system that those banks operate to maintain our economic output and stability.
    Be either the regulator or the promoter of the banking industry.
    The Fed’s mandate to do both, from the same room, is morally perplexing to good people, and is economically paralyzing.
    We can’t have the money to put us back to work until bankers see robust creditwortiness for lending and profit opportunities , which cannot happen without more money ….. to make them more creditworthy.. Catch 22 of debt-based money.
    This is why Martin Wolf says the government should issue the money.
    One less moral hazard.

  4. James, I love your terminology: “…the culture of deference, risk aversion, and general sucking-upitude…” ~~:-) ~~:-)

  5. James Kwak… states in the article about the regulation of the financial system that “it is difficult to prove that the deregulatory policies pursued… were clearly not in the public interest”

    Nonsense! Any regulation, as a minimum, must state the purpose of those entities being regulated, so that regulations can be analyzed in reference to such purpose… and nowhere is the purpose of the banks defined… not a single word! And that is evidence enough!

    Also, why keep on writing about “deregulatory” policies when we stand in front of one of the most intrusive regulations ever… that of allowing banks to earn higher risk adjusted returns on equity on exposures to what is perceived as safe than on exposures perceived as risky.

    That castrated or de-testosteroned the banks.

    Why is it so hard for academicians like Kwak to understand that secular stagnation, deflation, mediocre economy, unemployment, underemployment, and all similar obnoxious creatures, are all direct descendants of risk aversion.

    How can you, in the land of the brave, have allowed the introduction of cowardice by means of regulations?

    Had these regulations gone to congress they would never ever have been approved.

    In the future when there for sure will be an exhibition about “The day we turned mediocre”… The Baseline-Scenario’s silence on this issue, during so many years, might be among the pieces exhibited… “Daddy why did you not say anything?”☺

  6. @ Had these regulations gone to congress they would never ever have been approved.
    That’s nonsense Per, the lawmakers created the problem when they allowed interest rates to rise above 10%.

    Ever since those dates everything the Federal Reserve has done, has lead to higher prices for the consumer, not being worried about your own money, leaves one emotionless when choosing which side to join in during the eugenics fight. Which is exactly what we have here, once again, how can this not lead to war?? Even if only a war for resources.

  7. Now that is interesting… in the land of the free …when did Congress allow interest rates to rise above 10%? What I can see is interest rates extremely low for those purchasing houses… which of course leads to savers not earning much interest rates.

  8. Either that or you not knowing your history, prolly the latter, the bomb in 1980, look it up.

  9. It is sickening how regulators seek personal benefit, with complete disregard for the needs of the many that should outweigh the needs of the very few. The fact that the same people have to both regulate and promote banking activity is a recipe for corruption. Regardless of cultural background of regulators and examiners, they should not have the power causing them to reach a moral dilemma.

  10. Well that’s the difference Henry, between getting a bachlors of science, and a diploma of doctrine. The one works for the belief of themselves, and the other works for the good of the citizens. the former believing, the latter doing, or not, depending on the case.

  11. Crimes were committed by all the financial oligarchs on an epic scale. Fraud, insidertrading, price manipulation, tax evasion, naked massive theft, bribery, collusion, market rigging, and the list is long and festering and putrid. The same crimes, by these same oligarchs, peopled with the same den of vipers and thieves continue today unabated on an even more epic, epochal scale.. There is nothing “unconscious” in the capture and conduct of the socalled regulators. Both those pursuing the capture and the socalled captured are equally guilty of the same crimes, for the same unholy pyshopathic reasons. Wealth and power.

    Either regulators regulate and enforce existing laws. or there are no laws. The laws are reduced to endless reams of meaningless words on worthless paper, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” The conjuring of debt products into assets is a criminal activity, a Ponzi scheme. Derivative products amount to (and the numbers are nebulous) a $600Billion exposure. 3/4’s of a Quadrillion. How is this possible? How will this exposure ever be reconciled? The entire global GDP is only 70+ trillion. There is no fixing this rank evil, there is no balm in Gilead. How will this unholy and criminal math ever be reconciled???? I beg anyone to answer any of these inquiries.

    Part of the problem is the cognitive capture of academics, politicians, regulators, law enforcement, and the dimsheeple these shaitans rob, pillage, incarcerate, murder, and otherwise abuse. The language used itself deceptive and cloaked in the insular supremist ideologies and beliefs in wealth and subsequent power as the singular measurements of status and greatness, of socalled “masters of the universe”. Terms like captilalism, market efficiency, freemarkets, jobcreators, patriotism, and christianity, freedom, democracy have been intentionally and ruthlessly mangled and dismembered and redefined by decades of wingnut propaganda covens information domination operations, and disinformation campaigns. For example. – I double dare any of you erudite experts to define capitalism or democracy or freemarkets, or market efficiency and get back to me. The definitions no longer apply to the realities or the facts. Fascists and oligarchs rule Amerika and control the wealth and resources nation and all the conduct of the socalled government, enforced by militarized mass murdering biggoted pigs, – I mean police, – excused and shielded by partisan judges, including the fascists in the supreme court, and the captured regulatory apparatus, who favor, shield, protect, advance and insulate the fascists predatorclass and their mindless thugs – so obviously – we here in the land of Oz no longer inhabit a democracy,

    Capitalism? Freemarkets? If there ever were such things, – they certainly does not exist today The markets are better defined as bandit capitalism and certainly not free, or fair, – wherein an entrenched predatorclass den of vipers and thieves are free, because of massive systemic criminality and theft, and the ensuing absurd illgotten imponderable wealth, to wantonly rob and pillage the people and manipulate markets, commodities, resources, the socalled judicial system, the socalled regulatory apparatus, the mass murdering militarized pigs, – I mean socalled law enforcement, and the socalled government, with absolute impunity and immunity, and zero accountability.

    Market efficiency? The socalled mastersoftheuniverse were and are today wildly and dangerously stupid and horribly inefficient, and are singularly responsible for the most catastrophic economic FAILURE in the sordid history of the world, – a catastrophic FAILURE that is ongoing, and metastasizing on an exponential level today.

    Christianity? Personally loath all institutional religions, as they are all awash in oceans of innocent blood, and seek only profit and power through the manipulation of religion – but also a student of comparison religion, including the bible, the apocrypha, and the Nag Hamadi texts. Any fiend or shaitan that would besmirch, bastardize, and claim the Nazarene to justify their evils promoting wealth, and biggotry, racism, sexism, and homophobia – is obviously woefully uneducated on the true teachings of christianity.

    You are all victims of “pecuniary logic” and “pecuniary – psuedo truth” beliefs, – where in lies are majikally shapeshifted into truths, and truths denounced and the babbling of conspiratorialists.

    The EPA, note the key term ENVIRONMENTAL in the name of the agency should be “captured by ENVIRONMENTAL types. That is the point the the purpose of in protection mandate in service of the people.

    The creature from Jekyll Island, or the socalled FED is a horrific FAILURE, or a CRIMINAL CARTEL, or both. Regardless of the incessant bruting of the complicit parrots in the MSM, and the spaniels in the regulatory apparatus – there is no growth, there are and never will be any meaningful jobs, and inflation (again setting aside the manipulated and intentionally deceptive conjured numbers these shaitans and fiends pimp) is rampant and brutal, for the 99%. Price bacon, or cheese, or any staple, or healthcare, or rent, or car insurance, and get to me biiiiiaaatches.

    The fact is CRIMES were committed. The economy the great disadvantage and disregard of the poor and middle class, while the predatorclass has absconded unfathomable wealth and protections. And the shaitans and fiends in the socalled government and regulatory apparatus chose to shield advance, protect, and immunize the den of vipers and thieves who are singularly responsible and culpable for this horrorshow.

    Insular supremists pimp and brute the fiction that if the banks were not bailed out at the taxpayer expense, – the world would have come to an end.

    Why would any intelligent free thinking individual, knowing what this den of vipers and thieves were responsible for, recognizing how much imponderable wealth these shaitans absconded believe this fiction and myth.

    We’ll never know. But a resolutiontrustlikeentitiy could have commandeered the banks, dissolved their criminal enterprizes, sold what was left in the open markets, sent those responsible to court, and eventually jail, – and no of you could ever convince me – that those in my circles would not be much better off.

    Defenders of the predatorclass are pathological liars. CONSCIOUSLY, for inclusion and the grim hope someday walking the earth as predatorclass.

    This is psychopathic and sociopathic depravity, criminality and insanity, only possible when one renounces every particle of humanity, decency, morality and compassion – and any concern for their fellow man.

    The reality predatorclass shaitans and fiends and vipers and thieves will face – beyond the inevitable and certain collapse of the socalled global financial system – is that some of us in the 99% will not forget or forgive, and there will be a reckoning, and there will be blood.

    In a world where there are no laws, – there are no laws for anyone predatorclass biiiiiiaaaatches.
    Burn it all down. Reset. It’s the only hope for the 99%.. . .

  12. Before blaming any regulatory capture on bankers, look first to the parents of central bankers and regulators.

    That because the regulatory capture could very well begin with some overly sissy parents, whose risk adverseness causes the risk aversion in their kids which makes them natural candidates to be central bankers and regulators.

    And then their grown up equally scared kids, prohibit banks from engaging in natural market risk-taking, like lending to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

    And that risk adverseness takes the strength out of the real economy, and, at the end, only causes banks to take truly dangerously excessive risks on what regulators, with amazing hubris, consider themselves to be capable to deem as “absolutely safe”… like the infallible sovereigns (Greece), the AAAristocracy (securities collateralized with mortgages to the subprime sector) or real estate (Spain).

  13. For Tony Foresta:

    At most, the estimate is that there are 400 billion stars in the Milky Way….

    Any questions on why the price of oil is falling? LOL

    Considering that the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) has never been audited, based on what they DID is all we can go on to ascertain whether they are a criminal cabal. So there is no other answer other than “Yes, they are” based on the 4 requirements for launching a “Just War” – since we are all here repeating ourselves, I am also – you all know where to find the “list”….right?

    The FRB keeps lording it that they have ABSOLUTE control over “employment” in USA – so that clinches it that they DID conduct economic genocide when all those jobs disappeared as the Bush Cabal packed up their derivative piece on the way out of town…

    @Jeb – you wrote, “But that administrative failure and its resulting Rolex-seeking bedfellows all pale in comparison to the deeper realty present having to do with the dual mandate of the Fed to regulate the banks while being in charge of the money system that those banks operate to maintain our economic output and stability.”

    You have to add their manipulation of “employment”….no?

    Totalitarian Nihilism…”cosmic insanity” — still just low life scum bag THEFT of real $$ by trillions of Fiat $$$$s…a virtual cloud game for sadists and psychos….and they DO HAVE A LEADER, btw….The Urantia Book has leveled the playing field – info in the Book approved for ALL of humanity by none other than JC :-)

    Page 759 – “….The Caligastia scheme for the immediate reconstruction of human society in accordance with his own ideas of individual freedom and group liberties, proved a swift and more or less complete failure. Society quickly sank back to its old biologic level, and the forward struggle began all over, starting not very far in advance of where it was at the Caligastia regime, this upheaval having left the world in confusion worse confounded.”

    That was 250, 000 years ago – looks like “social media” is not all that….

    Sill never bending my knee to the GLOBAL War, Drug and Slave Lords stood up by the FRB’s retarded shenanigans.

    Math never was and never will be the paper that covers the rock that is SCIENCE…

    400 BILLION stars from all that FIAT evergy :-)

  14. All those jobs disappeared Annie because the corporations needed to tame the unions. Imagine making $72/hr to manufacture cars that are designed to break. Not that it got any better once the design moved on, but the cost did drop and that’s what the consumer demanded, and got.

    And be careful with your science, a scientist is nothing but a failed engineer. Math is the great equilizer of language, it’s true strange as it seems.

  15. @Anonymouse – the waste of TIME in blowing up your lies is evil – here is the REASON for making things that “break” that MANAGEMENT built in:

    I agree, that nihilistic totalitarianism is not SCIENCE. What did the succesful engineers get paid? Those that acted like monkeys dancing to the accordian music of greed and cheap…real SCIENCE is defined as “how things really work” – imagine if all of creation – the 400 BILLION stars in the Milky Way, for instance – were designed to “fail on this date” instead of being a part of the recycle loop of energy that is dependable – set your watch to it dependable!

    Cheap is the twin sister of greed – both being slanty eyed whores….

    And the FRB is guilty of economic genocide – or what you call “management reigning in unions”….

    The Solidarity “union” in Poland was the only example of what a “union” does in a culture – USA has no history with “unions” – it remains a slave state – in both ideology and operations. Rank and sadistic THIEVES thriving as “middle management” in the Ponzi scheme. It’s disgusting.

  16. @anon – No one woke up in France, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Poland, Russia, Australia, UK, Sweden , etc. etc. etc. and said “We want to become like China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. etc. etc.”

    So how did that meme (I wanna be like India) become USA “capitalism”?

    Can we dig out what Yellin wrote in 8th grade to judge her early spark of social genius, like someone was paid to do to Hillary?

    And on what is the “economy” based when even the Milky Way, with all that fiat energy, figured out that 400 billion stars was the most efficient way to move energy around all that Milky Way space?

    CNBC noted today that 92 million people have no “jobs” in USA. Guess the economic cohort of “jobs” that broke down the doors of homeowners while they were in the house to take the house for the bank ended up in the same bus as those they threw out.

    Yellin is choosing the next cohort while the stock market goes up and down up and down pump and dump and turn inot “cash” for ME ME ME.

    Judging from what was approved by the 480 for their sycophants to blather about, with foaming mouth hysteria, about the upcoming elections, there isn’t one in the 480 that isn’t infected with the incurable rabies of:

    More misery for others = More $$$$ for me me me

    More incurable than ebola….bombs away….

  17. Kwak….. “Intimidated” by one of the 0.000000000001% of the H-e-e-bs (Richard Posner) who we could positively without a doubt describe as a d*mbf*ck??? (That is to say 95% of them rank in <b<AT LEAST the top 75% in intelligence???Really???

    Hey Kwak–there’s a reason they call it the “Tobin” Project, [pay special attention the the origins of the last name] You were semi-invited to the ‘tribe’

    See Hong Kong now?? Those people finally got what it meant to spend 40 years in the desert. Maybe North Korea will also, Grab on to the G-Ddammed rope man.


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  19. Frankly Annie, I have come to learn that over all, people are not KIND. Disbelief and denial follow, but do not sooth the mind. And that same non kindness includes family and friends in a tit for tat war that has no meaning or logical conclusion. Sure we ask how it could have happened, but i’m certain if we got the chance somehow to do it all over again, this family would top the charts, the talent was undeniable, the timing was not.

  20. @Anon – “Timing”? So you call the equivalent of pre-emptive carpet bombing from behind the computer screens by perverts and goons in banks, real estate and HR departments of “talent” that they recognized as superior to their own “timing”????

    I see that the Sunday of Puerile Rationalizations on TeeVee rubbed off on you…

    Why does Joe Scarborough still get 3 hours to do stuff like “we need Federal Government” for Ebola and then in the same breath rail about how incompetent they are but how the anointed ebola czar is competent because – wait for it – he knows how to manage “Washington” better than anyone else (never mind asking for the metadata to back that assertion)…

    Economic genocide – pure and simple

    More misery for others = More $$$$ for ME ME ME

    download the app….

    They cut down the good olive trees for spite and out of hatred – “timing”…

    How can you NOT stick the person and their protective suit under a cleansing shower BEFORE the people have to take off the suit – that’s OCD dementia + their suit business PROFITS = death

    download the app

  21. No, I was thinking more like the laws of nature, some are more natural and powerful than others, for not so obvious reasons. You’ll see one day about the timing, there won’t be much time to think once your frozen in place wondering like a wounded beetle, but by then it will be too late for most everyone, including the ones you bark so loudly about, they too will face justice.

  22. @anon – it is “you are” which is contracted to “you’re”, stop using “your”.


    What “laws of nature”?

    obdurate babbling to cover CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY passes for genius only among the insane

  23. Thanks for the correction teach.

    The ones most people are in denial about, I can’t show my cards right now, but when I do you’ll be the first to know. Simply it goes like this, if you do X and Y, then Z occurs. Here’s the kicker, you’re (see how quick a learner I am) addicted to X, and either addicted to Y or don’t have a problem with Y, but you absolutely hate Z, so much so you can’t even talk about it unless some other has it too and even then it’s kept secret until the bitter end. So when A person (such as me) brings up the conversation, first the disbelief arises, anger, babbling follow, then the hard core denial stage hits like a ton of bricks. You and your team fall back to the defensive stage because (remember) you’re addicted to X and are either addicted to Y or you don’t have a problem with Y, and carry on as if the conversation never occurred. Now you see, our gvt has a denial problem, and in addition they feed off the butchering of the constitution when they violate the laws of nature in order to force their will on other people. We’re in court about it everyday, but because the denial so widespread, including the courts, it then takes great amounts of time (6 years and running) with no fanfare or hope of real change. The constitutional convention will change that, so that is a better time for me to publish my information giving the opposition very little time to counter attack the denial, or keep their status quo. Like I said, you’ll be the first to know when the time comes.


    The army of THIEVES that morph from savings and loan scandals to enron type meltdowns to finally just kicking in the doors of homes and throwing the women out on the street to pay torturers their exorbitant salaries

    Sadistic thieving nihilists, like YOU anonymouse, are going to have a “constitutional convention” to bring back law and order to USA….?


    11 minutes in….TRUTH….

  25. Well, America was rooted in it, so yea, that’s the plan or all hell breaks loose. I know, dream, reality, shrink, it don’t add up but that’s not my problem, the sum of the parts added up to more than the whole. Go figure.

  26. It can’t be “truth” if there is no beauty or goodness to it.

    THAT is the truth.

    You chase the gene pool around the world that ALWAYS reconstitutes themselves because they LIVE eternal truth, beauty, and goodness

    so that you can STEAL THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR.

    It’s NOT rocket science what just happened…

    Judgement Day is unfolding in the eternal NOW.

  27. Perhaps for you it is, my worlds Judgement Days have yet to arrive, but are fastly approaching. And why would somebody steal the fruits of beauty and goodness? By doing so they risk having to face the future consequences, so yes, we are in agreement here.

  28. And what is all this FIAT $$$$ paying for in regards to elections….?!!

    Posters? A sticky that says “I voted”?

    I do not know ANYONE who has gotten a lone thin dime from the oily-garths paying to swing elections. But I do know that that “dark money” funded HOOLIGANS that crawled into community organizations like churches and astronomy clubs and went on merciless personality destruction of the TRUE leaders inside those communities. IT WAS PURE TERRORISM – kochsucker funded…

    You well know that there is NOTHING left that can be done to hurt 92 MILLION “disenfranchised” Americans – good luck to the 480 and their GOONS – whose leadership comes from the MOUSSEAIDE and their marching orders – Protocols of Zion.


    We have the RIGHT to “quarantine” them….

  29. And, finally, riddle me this, anonandanon,

    1. What was the STRATEGIC importance – for the seventh generation out in the future (as Native Americans thought about strategy) – to wipe out the PRODUCING MIDDLE CLASS in the USA – the very core REASON for USA being the beacon of light to the world?

    2. What TRUTH about God’s love for humanity needed to be protected by CIA and other goon pervert spies through TORTURE?

    Still giggling about enronistas having a “constitutional convention” – now there’s a movie script for political satire….

  30. Well let’s start with the first sentence and go from there. When my parents ( as well as the gvt) spend money, it is spent as fiat money. When I spend money, it is back by gold, and their in lies the riddle. You say you don’t understand ( or know about) the laws of nature, or of linear thinkers. But yet you get angry and confused at what has happened to this country. I know from experience that with these things being the case, you will never understand how deep true evil can go. But the lost wars can not go on forever, yet they can control things until just before then, another riddle, and i’m not even batman, the joker, or the riddler. Go figure.

  31. WHAT laws of “nature” are you talking about – second time I am asking…

    There are MANY “laws” of “nature” – your gold backed money goes against every single one – there is NO FILTHIER mining operation than gold digging….you SCAR nature so that it is barren, toxic and unable to produce any kind of “fruit” to nourish generation upon generation of humanity!

    USA FIAT $$$$ is tied to OIL, not gold.

  32. Perhaps yours is, hence the confusion. I didn’t say anything about scaring the landscape, just take down a few houses and do it the easy way. And fiat dollars have no connection to oil, they are based on the full faith and credit of the Federal Reserve, you know, your like minded cohorts in the gvt, the ones you complain so loudly about, they are your friends, your relatives. But even though you can’t smell the hypocrisy from there, it’s quite a stench over here, I want to tell you.

  33. anonymousy, u r Crazy man – I have NO FAMILY in the “government”, and you have it backwards, as usual….The “government” of USA reports to “We The People”, we are the boss….

    So why all the HYSTERIA that people/countries are buying oil with other currency than FRB notes…?

    As for “logic” – if health care workers are returning back to USA with Ebola, then the “war” they waged against it was not won, right? If what they are/were doing was working, they’d be clean….

    “for the greater good”….impossible to comprehend for the ME ME ME geniuses….

    still laughing at the ludicrousness of enronistas having a “constitutional convention”….but I’m all for a big circular firing squad shoot out at high noon between enron istas and zio nistas – finally a way for nihilism to work on its own character “for the greater good”….

  34. There is no doubt that the whole industrial world is going to hell in a hand basket, and that’s been proved over and over again. You can laugh until you die about it too, it won’t change things, but the constitutional convention will, to bad your solutions are so “elementary.” when sophisticated ones are needed for these problems.

  35. Of course it is “who you know” – infiltrated the IRS, the enronistas did (my best Yoda sentence structure):

    Ruthless merciless sadistic thieving Nihilists….the NWO

    What “truth” about God’s love for humanity needs to be Protected by physically throwing women out of their homes for the banks to seize and leverage off of in order to give HUGE salaries to CIA, NSA, and Mooseaide torturers who are protecting their religious “truth”….?

  36. The “industrial world” went to hell in a hand basket because of the tyranny of the oily-garths setting a course to replace human intelligence with “artificial intelligence”.

    Hatred for humanity – get it?

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