My Daughter’s Wish

By James Kwak

Today my daughter’s combined first and second grade class wrote down their individual wishes for the world. The wishes are part of a wish tree. Here they are:

I wish people could always be happy.
I wish the world was more fair.
I wish for a world of peace and a world of kindness.
I wish everyone would care about each other and never fight.
I wish everybody could have have food.
I wish they would tax the rich and help the poor.
I wish, I wish, I wish there were more trees, I still wish that, so remember.
I wish there was no poaching and there was friendship for all animals and people.
I wish the land was fair and everyone had a friend.
I wish I could have money to donate to orphans and the world would have no guns and people could be in peace.
I wish that big arguments didn’t turn into wars and people didn’t get hurt.
I wish everybody will have shelter.
I wish everybody will not get sick.
I wish there were no guns.
I wish everybody would have food and water.
I wish everybody had time to finish their coffee every morning.
I wish that I had a million dollars so that I could help people who needed help.
I wish everyone could never die and never get sick.
I wish that everyone was kind to old mother nature.

I think I know which one was my daughter’s (although it could also have been the one about coffee).

33 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Wish

  1. Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a buck and a quarter.

    Jill came back with two and half, you think they went for water?

  2. That is a lot of wishing and for first/second grade students it was pretty good. It’s a good start.

  3. Wow, I feel sorry for these first graders. Seems someone is exposing them to lot of negative stuff. I wish they could be children and not have to bear the ill’s of society at such a young age.

  4. The judges would have settled for “A progressive (non-regressive) form of national (and state) income tax.”

    Along with a long-winded footnote with neon pink highlighter marking important points of what happens when Republican D.I.C.K weeds don’t match revenues to spending:
    BY BRAD COOPER (May 30, 2014)
    The Kansas City Star (apologies to Mr. Cooper and KCStar for lifting this verbatim, bold print mine)

    Kansas tax revenues plunge again

    Kansas revenues plunged again in May, leaving the state more than $300 million below estimates for the current year.

    The state reported Friday afternoon that revenues fell $217 million below estimates in May, the second month in a row they came up short of expectations.

    The latest decline leaves the state about $310 million short for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30.

    Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration attributes the falling revenues to taxpayers cashing in investments early before capital gains taxes increased in 2013.

    The shift inflated tax revenues for 2013 but left less money to be taxed in the future, state officials said.

    “Unfortunately, we underestimated, as did other states, the impact of the federal fiscal cliff,” Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan said in a prepared statement.

    Critics have blamed Brownback’s income tax cuts, which were cited recently when Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the state’s credit rating at the end of last month.

    Moody’s warned that the income tax cuts — without offsetting measures such as spending cuts — would drain the state’s reserves. That, the ratings firm said, would pose a “significant credit weakness.”

    The rating agency cautioned that spending cuts won’t be easy because of court-ordered spending on schools, keeping up with Medicaid demands and funding the state’s pension system.

    Forecasts already indicate the state could exhaust most, if not all, of its reserves by fiscal year 2016, based on its current spending trajectory.
    Of course even children understand better than a$$holes like Reagan and Brownback that if you raised the income and paid your expenses IMMEDIATELY this far upgrades the situation of paying millions/billions of dollars in interest that accrues on unpaid state debt. But nevermind that……. Brownback got his Republican votes who send their kids to PRIVATE school (and therefore don’t give a F*ck how school districts pay for textbooks in the year 2040 on top of interest payments on state debt, so why should Brownback give a flying F*ck about the younger generation who will pay that???? Anymore than early Alzheimer’s Reagan with the blank look in his eyes gave a f*ck about the national budget we are dealing with now:×333179

  5. People will get sick and die. I share other wishes with my 50 year younger friends. Don’t forget them and be patient!

  6. Yes Moses, even more reason and need for the coming financial emancipation of the middle class, on the backs of, yes, the rich. A default of bonds and the birth of the American dollar, all while a sleepy nation partied itself into oblivion.

  7. Moses we already where the problem started who the trouble makers are, what they are up to, and what the future holds for them. Being amongst them must still bother you, and so you lash out at your competitors with inner frustration, so everybody is a target in your eyes. You need to find out the ultimate definition of trouble, because once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker, and you are the king of the trouble makers. Allow me the will to pull the spoon from your babys mouth. Now go chase yourself in a circle until you get tired of it.

  8. So in summation, the reason that there was so much fraud and manipulation in the financial and housing markets was because of “regulations”. No regulations, no problem.

    Uh, okay. So now what?

    Why does everyone switch from forgiving their bad derivative math, ala dispassionate economic-professor analysis,

    to rank, self-serving, and sadistic psychobabble when they snatch one person for analysis out of the 40 million people who lost 50K…??!!

    Polluting (yes, and accident, but building back-ups against the worst scenario were too expensive, right?) the waters with radiation is a nuclear war in slo-mo…

    Yeah, a person who has figured that out has fallen through the psychobabble web….just like Elliot and Adam weren’t controlled by psychobabble from going out to kill people because they did not get what they wanted when they wanted it – “affluenza”….

    Nothing worse than “sharing” a classroom or a corp job or a bed with the gene pool that has NOT been managed by psychobabble….all children are vulnerable to bat sh_t crazy because:

    More misery for others = More $$$$ for ME ME ME

  9. CNBC is still a sadistic cluster fck – Lisman spews that people who have been unemployed for a long time are GONE from the labor market forever and ever

    and then says that there are job openings that can’t be filled because people don’t have the skills

    and he thinks no one will figure out that the long term unemployed – the economic genocide cohort of 50 year olds

    ARE the only ones with the skill set – like, duh.

    Plus, can a lawyer explain to me how it is NOT employment discrimination to NOT hire anyone from the long term unemployed?

    How is that different than discriminating against someone for their sex, race, religion, etc.??!!

    Because employers have the “constitutional right to hire whoever they want….?

    But what if your cohort of preferred employees do not have the skill set because your “culture” never had that skill set as part of its culture to begin with because you CHOSE to never mix with anyone – socially or in schools – with the skill set….?

  10. Rugged common sense :-) from a friend – “…in this hand is a “wish”, in this hand is doodoo, rub both hands together, what do you get….?”

    If “government” does not exist to protect the INDIVIDUAL against force and fraud,

    the kind of force and fraud that an INDIVIDUAL cannot take on themselves – such as bankster manipulation of Libor,

    then no “wish” of ANY INDIVIDUAL has a chance to manifest as an improvement to the material world – ie. their “god-given” right to make their lives less miserable through honest work….

    That’s just the laws of physics. Perception is NOT reality, never was and never will be.

    All contracts, such as student loans, issued under Libor manipulation can be voided because they were issued based on FRAUD – manipulation of FIAT $$$$!

    There is NO CIVILIZED HUMAN INSTITUTION left in the USA that protects the INDIVIDUAL against force and fraud. Just the facts, Ma’am.

    Nihilism, anarchy, worship of self.

    Definitely a RELIGION where everyone has to die for the “ooopsies, bad math” sins of the banksters.

    Can’t “legislate” morality when the legislators operate as Nihilists (we don’t need no stinkin’ legislation), Anarchists (let’s declare the election void because our corrupted candidate lost), and Narcisists (More misery for others = More $$$$ for ME ME ME).

    Which civilized institution can still be saved? Certainly not “religion”….most damage was done there ala WWI and WWII and on….

    A bunch of yoga studies telling people to empty their minds and meditate on their upside down navel are not an “institution” that can declare HFT algorithms to be nothing other than THEFT.

  11. @There is NO CIVILIZED HUMAN INSTITUTION left in the USA that protects the INDIVIDUAL against force and fraud. Just the facts, Ma’am.

    Could very well be true. Had you said World, you could very well have been wrong, the world court still has a say about a stay of execution.

  12. This related to a prior post on this blog, relating to the crony corruption of the FCC and the King of Communications conglomerate cronies himself: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. I would have put this comment in the thread of that post, if not for fear people would miss it.

    When does Tom Wheeler start tap dancing??? When Verizon and Comcast tell him to. When does Tom Wheeler stop tap dancing??? When Verizon and Comcast tell him to. When does Tom Wheeler say he’s “listening to suggestions from public/consumer” when in fact Tom Wheeler doesn’t give a crap about the public/consumers?? Every time you hear the click of a second from a rotary clock.,2,4/

  13. @Anon…the RELIGIONISTS in USA, working at GoldmanSucks and Homeland Insecurity and BIG PHARMA, are who slammed the financial well-being of WOMEN

    BELOW the FINANCIAL well-being of even the inner city GANGS who distribute the “goods” of GLOBAL War, Drug, and Slave Lords!

    One big fck-u to MY Fourth Amendment rights – strange men with MALICIOUS INTENT TO HARM, hatched from the bowels of hell for all anyone knows, acted as if they had “husband” rights to enter the financial life of “feminists” via the internet and establish algorithms sucking it all up to their hedge hog funds!!!!

    Yea, CNBC, lead by “religionist” Lies-man, are claiming that the stock market is “stable”, no worries.

    Anyone reading along who has not done so, yet, NEVER buy a house.


    It’s like running naked through a gauntlet of vipers, you don’t stand a chance of defending yourself against all the hooligans (GLOBAL, no less, want cretins from Mousseaide to get their psycho, prejudiced, delusional hands on you? Once they do, you are a “palestinian” to them) who will paw through your life….WITH MALICIOUS INTENT….and with USA’s blessing from some Patriot Act secret cabal’s power node INSIDE A BANK OR BIG PHARMA organization.

    but hey, glad we agree on “facts”.

    Every man for themselves…..

    “religionists” – always the lobbyists for The Grand Iniquitor

    and ALWAYS, historically, from the savage knuckle-dragging neanderthal misogynist gene pool – reason they wear pointed hats is to cover their mono-brow…

  14. Never buy a house, unless you are talented enough to fix one, never buy a car, unless you are able to repair one. We do have some skills around here, and women are the main concern. And no not simply guys with vaginas, they do have inherent problems and get into a denial loop about it, complain a lot, sort of like you,and never figure it out, but we already know about your problems and they don’t stem from that.

  15. Your insights are WORTHLESS because your ilk lets your precious eltie spawn – the “Elliots” and “Adams” – slip right on through to mass murder after dozens of “psycho-logists” watch over them

    while you chase the INNOCENT – your stupid psychobabble gig is over, along with your “religionist” schtick….

    You do not have the god-given intelligence to analyze me. Never did and never will. Keep your own savage gene pool on a tight leash, that is what you get judged by if you want any credibility.

    Looks like a stronger dose of “pubic lice be gone” is needed for YOU, Anonymousy….

    Know what Mkultra was up to….? They gathered up WOMEN suffering from all sorts of delusions – mostly those listening to disembodied voices in their empty heads – and had those women supply them with “data” about what other people were going to do….

    “Prophecy” is in direct conflict with FREE WILL.

    None of your Prophetesses saw this economic genocide coming….? Too busy PRETENDING that they knew what was in my head…??!!


    Pitiful how puny are the minds that projected themselves as Big Giant Heads really are….mere programmed liceforms….

  16. Here’s a suggestion – assign a pair of guard dogs equipped with google glasses to follow around your “special” kids and have that feed as ACCURATE real time data into your NSA metadata labs. Women listening to voices in their heads coming in from the ethers is far less reliable in providing the REAL TIME VISUALS about where the next Elliot or Adam is packing up and heading off to….their fathers have already done far worse to cover up their own financial crimes…

    You NEVER had the qualifications to psychobabble me, Anonymousy. When are you going to accept that FACT. Dogs will give a more accurate reading of the material world in the NOW, and where any person ON YOUR BIOGOTED HIT LIST is heading in order to ACT upon said material world…

    Completely discredited – bat sht crazy has NO CLUE what is “normal”, never did and never will. Weren’t you all even constantly asking that question – “…What is “normal”…?”

    Much less, what is SUPERIOR? The capacity to exercise FREE WILL even under the duress of some DELUSIONAL “ism” or in the face of hysterical prophets with TV cameras al around…

    Avoiding hauling the criminals off of Wall Street and D.C. was not a deal anyone had the RIGHT to make, that’s number one.

    Number two – what makes the person who made that kind of deal, if not a criminal themselves.

  17. Which would be you – seems like the majority of comments from the peanut gallery on RT see this as “false flag”:

    And another psychobabble-approved dude goes on a shooting spree…how many are thus poisoned by “psycho-practicioners”….?

    Meanwhile, of course everyone knows who to “arm” in Syria – who the “good” guys are….

  18. Training by people who are experts at never letting peace and diplomacy replace the “business model” in their country:

    I’d wanna know if these suiciders have cancer or some other time limit on their lives, ditto for duress like blackmail….

    Religionists brainwashing people to take great pride in being a planet of holy men who are reknowned for discovering the “cure” for ALL their personal free-will iniquity – the shedding of innocent blood.

    Who knew?


    Relevant to “wishes” – the “business model” of the weapons manufacturers combined with the “training” and philosophy for living provided by TERRORIST organizations like Mossad is


    These “businesses” need to be sent packing to the bowels of hell from which they arose. Get the fck out of the USA you bat sht crazy monkey brains…

    “(785.14) 70:2.9 War has had a certain evolutionary and selective value, but like slavery, it must sometime be abandoned as civilization slowly advances. Olden wars promoted travel and cultural intercourse; these ends are now better served by modern methods of transport and communication. Olden wars strengthened nations, but modern struggles disrupt civilized culture….”

    ready – the MOST IMPORTANT POINT in this evaluation of the situation is this TRUTH:

    “….Ancient warfare resulted in the decimation of inferior peoples; the net result of modern conflict is the selective destruction of the best human stocks…..”

    “…Early wars promoted organization and efficiency, but these have now become the aims of modern industry. During past ages war was a social ferment which pushed civilization forward; this result is now better attained by ambition and invention. Ancient warfare supported the concept of a God of battles, but modern man has been told that God is love. War has served many valuable purposes in the past, it has been an indispensable scaffolding in the building of civilization, but it is rapidly becoming culturally bankrupt — incapable of producing dividends of social gain in any way commensurate with the terrible losses attendant upon its invocation….”

    How can GLOBAL strategists not take into consideration CONTAINING to their current geographic location, the spread of “businesses” that are genetically INCAPABLE – 5000 years of PRIMA FACIE proof not good enough? – of building and maintaining a bona-fide civilization?

    How is Las Vegas NV a BETTER place with the morally-retrogressive and delusional Mossad training people who are selected because they already have PSYCHOLOGICAL tendencies to crave power over others and give them extreme weaponry with which to indulge their SOCIAL sadism?!


    No one wants the “C” students in charge of strategy…

  20. Where is the “beating swords back into ploughshares” PLAN from President Obama???!!!

    Instead we have this militarization of the institution – POLICE – that are “keepers of the PEACE” in a community….

    Instead we have “Uber” – the new Anarchy scheme for EXTRACTION that his former Chief of Staff, now “mayor” of Chicago, coughed up.

    What is “new” about getting a ride….? Just another extraction scheme getting “crowd-funded” by the same FIAT billions that were STOLEN from the people who did honest work to make their lives less miserable FOR THE LAST 100 years!

    These new forces are NOT peace keepers – they are basically conducting ARMED ROBBERY for the bankster CRIMINALS.

    NOT a “beating swords back into ploughshares” plan, at all….

  21. Ah yes, a “more fair” world – just listened to a flamer pushing his “preventive care” *idea* – one that collects preventive health care metadata from a gizmo attached around your neck, maybe?,

    that people have to input correctly themselves everyday, yea, sure, no lying going on about passing out drunk last night,

    in order to manage their “for-profit health insurance” costs….

    Hey, genius, how can a person practice preventive health care when the water coming out of his faucet can be set on fire?

    Of course, environment pollution plays no role in “preventive health care”…

    Get that app out for your smart phones that tells you how radioactive your sushi is, instead?

    And then there is always the “excitement” about MNA….

    Small business owners are already being “managed” by banks in a way that is CRIMINAL – they put all transfers of FIAT $$ from one person to another on a 3 day hold while the bank’s algorithms USE that same transfer request amount as being part of THEIR account…let me guess, that algorithm is NOT illegal, it’s following a regulation put in place by people who are against regulations…

  22. For the two cop shooters, it’s like the video game they played went from virtual to real, which is beyond creepy…no excuse for what they did….

    But there is something very “wonky” going on in Nevada inside their state’s DMV – they do NOT retain possession of the permanent license inside their offices – which means that between the “secret” location that has the machines that manufacture the permanent “government” issued License to Drive and the Mail Box, anyone can take possession, and in Las Vegas, they do….

    The GLOBAL War, Drug and Slave Lords are focused on pushing as many USA born and bred citizens as they can into the poverty containment loops they created with pharisee inspired “regulations” about licenses and insurances and ability to rent housing as they can (yes, an anti-terrorist methods taught at the local Mossad school because that’s how they do it with the Palestinians)

    so that their “employed” sex slave and drug “mules” can keep rising economically above the former “Middle Class” of “feminists” – the battle cry for a lot of them is “we’re just taking back the land they took from us”

    Wonder if they want the land back in the same condition it was back when it was supposedly “taken”….? Didn’t think so.

    Congolese savagery – hide in the bushes until the harvest is picked, then kill the villagers and take over their lives. Good for a year or two, but then after you’re done living off the stolen fruits of others, what’s the plan to implement your dreams for a, supposedly, superior cultural nirvana? Devious maids, indeed…the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and if you’re rocking that cradle with self-serving innuendo, WILD speculation based on amazing ignorance, and mystic-laced GOSSIP….?

    Can’t imagine how “safe” and beautiful of a world that kind of non-feminist culture is going to create – but do the ladies even know to stay away from San Fran and the nuclear waste washing ashore….? Gringo sistah needs to be the clean up “maid” for that mess….and she won’t answer to you as her boss, sorry…no one doing that kind of work needs to be BOTHERED with the political games of pc-ism in the workplace – ever.

    Funny how Eric Cantor did not see defeat coming….ooopsie with the math again, I guess….

    Who keeps coming up with new stereotypes over the centuries…?! There is NO DIFFERENCE between calling someone a goyim or calling them a feminist! Pharisees INVENTED bigotry and their social stature as SELF-PROCLAIMED “chose ones”! How many BILLIONS don’t buy that story?!

    Even in the 21st Century, some still claim that they are the only ones who have a – get this – god-given right to make up lists of enemies that everyone has to accept as “real”…THE definition of “terrorist”! Pretty much seems to be a list of everyone who is a threat because they LIVE A BETTER way based on their own efforts to make their lives less miserable through HONEST WORK…the MIDDLE CLASS OF USA.

    RATIONAL and NORMAL USA citizens just can’t buy endless crap anymore – the arguments made FOR such a state of affairs since 2008, to hide the crime of 911, make less sense with each passing nanosecond.

    “It’s the economy, stupid.”

    Tragic all the way around in LV….shame on all of you with your delusions and “ism”s….call off the Globalist trained Orks….


    Good thing that they have all those USA military personnel stationed close by in Poland to help out.

    The first warriors to ponder “Just War” 1000 years ago – painful to watch what their embrace of yet another “ism” has done to their nobility…

    “….walking on the mines I’ve laid….”

    It’s revolting to watch every cable station talking head devote so much time to ONE PERSON who LOST an election – that’s how it works, people….

    nero playing the fiddle….licenses to broadcast should be yanked….

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