I’m Shocked, Shocked!

By James Kwak

Technology-land is abuzz these days about net neutrality: the idea, supported by President Obama, (until recently) the Federal Communications Commission, and most of the technology industry, that all traffic should be able to travel across the Internet and into people’s homes on equal terms. In other words, broadband providers like Comcast shouldn’t be able to block (or charge a toll to, or degrade the quality of), say, Netflix, even if Netflix competes with Comcast’s own video-on-demand services.*

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FCC is about to release proposed regulations that would allow broadband providers to charge additional fees to content providers (like Netflix) in exchange for access to a faster tier of service, so long as those fees are “commercially reasonable.” To continue our example, since Comcast is certainly going to give its own video services the highest speed possible, Netflix would have to pay up to ensure equivalent video quality.

Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica has a fairly detailed yet readable explanation of why this is bad for the Internet—meaning bad for the choices available to ordinary consumers and bad for the pace of innovation in new types of content and services. Basically it’s a license to the cable providers to exploit a new revenue source, with no commitment to use those revenues to actually upgrade service. (With an effective monopoly in many metropolitan areas and speeds already faster than satellite, the local cable provider has no market pressure to upgrade service, at least not until fiber becomes more widespread.) The need to pay access fees will make it harder for new entrants on the content and services side; in the long run, these fees could actually be good for Netflix, since it won’t have to worry as much about competition. The ultimate result will be to lock in the current set of incumbents that control the Internet, ushering in the era of big, fat, incompetent monopolies.

Not only is this bad for consumers and for innovation, but it’s a reversal (or at least a severe watering-down) of the FCC’s earlier position on net neutrality, established in 2010 under a different FCC chair. Why did this happen? Well, look at this:


That’s from another article that Brodkin published yesterday, on the revolving door at the FCC. To summarize: Tom Wheeler, the current chair of the FCC, has previously been the CEO of the industry organizations for both the cellular industry (CTIA) and the cable industry (NCTA). The NCTA is currently headed by Michael Powell, a former chair of the FCC. The CTIA announced that its next CEO will be Meredith Attwell Baker. Her résumé goes like this: lobbyist for the CTIA; lobbying firms; National Telecommunications and Information Administration (part of the Department of Commerce), where she sided with Comcast against the FCC; FCC commissioner who voted for the Comcast-NBC merger (that’s Kabletown, for 30 Rock fans); head lobbyist for the NBC division of Comcast; and now CEO of the CTIA.

To put things in more familiar terms, this is roughly like Tim Pawlenty leaving the Financial Services Roundtable to become chair of the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke leaving the Fed to become head of the American Bankers Association, or Phil Gramm becoming a senior bank executive after shepherding the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. (Wait, one of those things actually happened.)

Many business groups like to say that they are against regulation because of free market, big government, economic efficiency, consumer choice, blah blah blah. But in fact, the history of regulation is one of large incumbents (or well-funded, well-connected newcomers) buying politicians and using them to extract rents, raise barriers to entry, erect tariff barriers, and do other things to pad the bottom line. Very occasionally, like in 2009–2010, people sit up and take notice. But most of the time, the casino is open and everyone looks the other way.

* There’s a separate issue about peering deals between different parts of the Internet backbone, which conceptually is a net neutrality issue, but is not addressed by the FCC’s net neutrality rules.

32 thoughts on “I’m Shocked, Shocked!

  1. Who got bought? The man who appointed Wheeler will never ever run for reelection.

    The whole money-politics-yuck! crowd never seems to have a model of how corruption actually works. The result is “reform” like ending earmarks, which–it is now universally acknowledged–makes it harder for anyone to do anything, including passing laws that help the 99%.

  2. Isn’t this the same argument that people made for the deregulation of the airline industry? “prices will skyrocket?” Didn’t happen, they fell. Same argument for the deregulation of brokerage prices. Consumers will be gouged. Didn’t happen. Discount brokerage firms exploded. As online providers bring up prices, it opens competition for new companies. Keeps the industry innovative and competitive. Both innovation and competition leave when it is a one price fits all model.

  3. To expand on my point:
    Terrible FCC Chairman Michael Powell: Industry connections=zero
    FCC Chairman Genachowski who defended net neutrality: Industry connections, massive, including being the executive personally responsible for creating the Fox network.

  4. Seems like people just laugh at the “conflict of interest” issue. From where I sit, conflicts of interest pave the roads to corruption, those same roads which converge at the destruction of the middle class, end of democracy, complicity of the Supreme Court, and ultimately, control by the “unitary executive”, as Bush liked to put it.

  5. well we did deregulate the telecom industry, seems to have worked well for the telecoms, in Texas and California we deregulated electricity. that also seems to have worked well. for the industry.

  6. The Closed Internet>>>
    (3) The open internet – >>>
    The Guardian’s Open 20: fighters for internet freedom
    British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the world-wide web, champions open data
    From politicians and professors to computer scientists and the first programmer, champions of the open internet. Who have we missed? Nominate your choices for the Open 20 here.


  7. @Steven Segal:
    Not the same situation at all. Airlines do experience competition at a given airport or along a given route. Cable providers do not, at least not within any given market. There are exceptions (fiber, muni wi-fi) but the general rule is that your cable provider has a monopoly on the physical cables and competition is highly unlikely.
    If this were to be an apples to apples comparison, the rule change would also require open access to the infrastructure for competing cable ISPs. For both technical and political reasons this is not going to happen in the cable world.

  8. http://www.fcc.gov/page/fcc-establishes-new-inbox-open-internet-comments or call 1-888-225-5322 or both:

    “The Commission will consider proposed rules to protect an Open Internet on May 15. The proposed rules will ask questions about how best to ensure the Internet remains an open platform for innovation and expression…..Chairman Wheeler is encouraging the public to share their views now. He intends to have rules of the road in place before the end of the year to protect consumers and entrepreneurs. He will be listening, and your comments will help inform the final rules.”

    “Please send your thoughts to openinternet@fcc.gov.”

  9. @FCC
    Chairman Tom Wheeler is a piece of CRAP, who will do whatever serves him best crony-wise after he leaves the FCC (revolving door) while APPEARING to care about the interests of common citizens who ALREADY pay exorbitant fees to cable companies, ISPs, and phone time.

    Hey Tom, right now I have my thumb and forefinger wrapped around something really meaty and juicy for you—–suck it nice and good and when you’re finished I also want you to clean out my back end crevice with your tongue. After you’re finished with that I want you to know I’d be extremely sad if you got a serious illness and rotted in hell. That’s what I think of your “PROPOSED ADDITIONAL FEES” Mr. Wheeler. How’s that strike you for “sh-a-a-a-a-a-a-ring my views” Mr Wheeler??? Hope you (and all your pals at Comcast) are “l-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-stening”.

    P.S. God Bless James Kwak and this blog (and Mr. Jon Brodkin at Ars Technica) for letting us know about this shenanigans. Which, no doubt, the MSM will be “too busy” showing us kitty and puppy videos for them to deal with this topic.

  10. Where are the “free market” “protectors” of the Republican Party on this issue??? NOWHERE when basturds like Comcast giving Republicans money under the table (and promising government agency heads a cushy job in the wings a la Wendy Gramm—Enron, a la Phill Gramm—UBS), are putting up ANTI-COMPETITIVE road blocks to the vehicle [internet] which has possibly [probably] been the most equitable distributor of information and education the world has ever seen.

    Ted Kennedy was immoral on some things in his life. And was no saint. But I’ll tell you this, he got one thing DAMNED RIGHT!!!

  11. Here is some more information on what is going on. FCC’s “We will allow” crony-speak translated means “f*cking the consumer up the A$$ and then shrugging our shoulders when middle class and poor can’t get decent internet service”. That’s the real translation of FCC crony-speak there.

    And guess what happens when average Americans file a complaint with the FCC??—-Stall, wait, delay, “review”, “deliberate” while the average American gets SCREWED of his paycheck by Comcast:

  12. And here we see again. the “Narcissist in Chief” showing his true colors again. Flapping those lips about “Change”, And what does the “Narcissist in Chief” do when he is voted in by hard working Americans?? He gets up on the porch for master. NO MORE being out in the fields. He aims to stay up on the porch after he got there. How do stay up on the porch?? You fill in Government Agency posts (FCC) for your friends at Comcast and Verizon. You put FORMER LOBBYISTS for the cable industry and phone companies into Government agency positions (FCC). That way you STAY up on the porch!!!!

    Lifted verbatim from a part of Edward Wyatt’s “Bits” blog at New York Times (I changed it to bold print):
    “The F.C.C. exempted Internet service from utilitylike regulation in 2002, when Michael Powell, a Republican appointee, was chairman. The F.C.C.’s net neutrality rules were enacted in 2010, under Chairman Julius Genachowski, a law school chum of President Obama, who made net neutrality a campaign issue. Now, the decision on how to proceed is up to Tom Wheeler, the new chairman, who was appointed by Mr. Obama but who has worked as a lobbyist for the cable industry and wireless phone companies. Mr. Wheeler has said he supports an open Internet, but he also has expressed willingness to allow companies to experiment with new ways of delivering Internet service.”

  13. Comcast owns MSNBC – their commentator(s) can pull in 7-digit salaries so what would they say about FCC’s latest proposal regarding Net Neutrality, except, perhaps, for a brief opinion offered around 3 a.m., EST.

    Here is the real dirt as to why Senator Warren continues to deny interest in a possible presidential run in 2016: “Ready for Hillary” supporters have already pressured her to stay out of the race, reminding Dumbocrats of Bush v Gore v Nader, that divided the party and votes, and why voting for the “lesser of two evils” is only being a realist. Any other liberal-leaning politician considering the same (Sen. Bernie Saunders, VT) are to be marginalized, if not, better yet, tossed under the bus.

    “The White House scenes are some of the more revealing inside tales Warren relays in her new memoir, “A Fighting Chance,” in which Warren portrays herself as an idealistic outsider, persistently fighting the excesses and political power of Wall Street. Obtained by the Globe in advance of next week’s release date, the campaign-style book undoubtedly will stoke more calls for the Massachusetts Democrat, who won her US Senate seat in 2012, to mount a 2016 presidential campaign. Even so Warren has insisted she will not run for president in the next election, the book and her heavy promotional tour will keep her in the national spotlight.”

    “I’m not running for president,” Warren told ABC News’ David Muir in an interview at her home in Cambridge, Mass. Asked about a recent story that suggested she is “Hillary’s …. from now until the 2016 convention, and some still won’t believe it or accept it. …..[adding] “I am a strong supporter of net neutrality.”

    Senator Warren “promises” to fulfill her first term in the Senate. Broken promises also have a track record, never to say “I will Never……..” Senator Warren scheduled to appear on This Week:

    “This Week” on ABC
    • Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson
    • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)


  14. Can you say PIECE OF S-H-I-T LIAR boys and girls?? Say it with me together, it builds teamwork!! PIECE OF S-H-I-T LIAR Of course it’s really doubly good when you can LIE to college students, as it increases the chances they will be numb/passive/apathetic to LYING sacks of crap narcissists before they hit age 30:

    Hey Obama!!!! You’re entering JohnBoehner/MitchMcConnell/DICKShelby ROT IN HELL FOR ETERNITY stomping grounds. See if you can have one of those fake/phony “moments of epiphany” you politicians are known for when you stick your wet index finger in the wind and noticed the wind changed directions, would you???

  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Senate_career_of_Barack_Obama

    Meanwhile, Warren has this under her belt:


    Every single USA NATIONAL Fair Housing LAW was broken, live on CNBC, when their RATIONALIZATION for the housing mess was this mantra, “Not everyone DESERVES to own a home”. Prima Facie evidence of a lawless and depraved failed economic state that just keeps on rolling along…add in “malicious intent to harm” by MINORITIES (480 USA citizens out of 300+ million squirreling away 2.08 TRILLION from the IRS) and that about covers it all since 911 – which, btw, was done so that people did not have to pay out what was THEY (banksters) owed to others!

    @Woych, The “internet” in the USA has done FAR MORE DAMAGE than it has done good. It is pure mental contortionism, of the most absurd kind, to claim otherwise. The 4th Amendment, the right to privacy, was completed ignored! Ditto for 1st Amendment and religious freedom. Plus, all those “backdoors” that the NSA used were also used by CRIMINALS.


    If Putin does not go all ape shit in “inwesting” in the “internet” in Russia, then that’s yet another “psychological factor” that should be noted, he is “smarter than_____”…..our “Moses” for one :-)

    C’mon, Woych, whenever a chosen minority form a cabal in USA (it’s always former slave owners + Dickens era dicks + their money lenders) and CRASH the economy, they always head over to Mother Russia to plunder and pillage her wealth – from Armand until today…..same as it ever was. Wait until the harvest is over, kill everyone in the village and move in to enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor, then when nothing is left, move on to the next village and repeat – the congolese model, er, “immigration” model…? 600 gangs in Las Vegas and Annie is the bad girl with bad manners – ROTFL. Good one….

    Not bending my knee to Global War Drug and Slave Lords, yes, a “psychological” problem, go figure….

    Look at what the media is doing with the Rancher Bundy in Nevada story now! Yes, everyone decided not to shoot and kill each other (smart enough to figure out that the “enemy” was not each other). The PROBLEM is that REAL ESTATE LAWS and public land use do NOT add up! Go figure how THAT keeps happening. You think those people with guns who showed up to defend Bundy won’t show up again? Nevada ain’t Palestine….and the cost of BLM chasing cattle around was FAR MORE than the back taxes the dude supposedly owes….so stupid….

    Once you DO NOT TELL THE TRUTH about the DETAILS of a “news” story, you should have your license to broadcast pulled. CNBC should have lost their PUBLIC LICENSE TO OPERATE the first time one of their blathering idiots pontificated that, “not everyone deserves to own a home”.

    Internet is a cesspool, anyway. Have to be an idiot to pay for so much lying “news” and ethical filth to enter your brain….the “psychology” of it’s future mission is WORSE than McCarthyism…and that’s already written in the history books….not Comcast’s history book, but then you have to PAY to stream THEIR censored-beyond-belief-and-replaced-with-absurd-lies content. Not to mention how every single young dude that the owner’s son lusts after, or has already had, got rewarded with their own TV show of political blather hour on MSNBC….

    Jesus was no wimp :-)

    “…..This cleansing of the temple discloses the Master’s attitude toward commercializing the practices of religion as well as his detestation of all forms of unfairness and profiteering at the expense of the poor and unlearned. This episode also demonstrates that Jesus did not look with approval upon the refusal to employ force to protect the majority of any human group against the unfair and enslaving practices of unjust minorities who may be able to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or ecclesiastical power. Shrewd, wicked and designing men are not to be permitted to organize themselves for the exploitation and oppression of those who, because of their idealism, are not disposed to resort to force fro self-protection or for the furtherance of their laudable life projects….”.

    Putin welcomed Crimea – willing “immigration”….more to follow…so how is that starting WWIII….?

    Women are a “majority”. You go Jimmy Carter, the last unique and exceptional President of USA, imho, a peanut farmer and nuclear scientist – only USA had such people back then, is taking on “religionist’s” interpretations about “what women want” :-)


    Still waiting for that app that cleans a diaper when you wave the diaper over the smart phone….

    Elizabeth Warren already IS the de facto next President of We the People. All we are going to see is how they (cabal of minorities) try to destroy her.

    Heck, could be that a lot of people with guns in USA believe that Warren’s worth keeping alive at least as much as the baby calves on Bundy’s ranch were worth saving from the “thieves” :-)

  16. A variant of this comment was previously posted elsewhere when the net neutrality issue first stirred public debate in 2014. FYI it’s been tweaked a bit and the second-to-last paragraph is a new addition. Anyway it’s fitting that I share the comment here so here it goes.


    It is right that this move against net neutrality generally has the populace up at arms. Unfortunately people who (a) haven’t been subjected to wrongful stifling, (b) haven’t learned the dangers of limitations on free speech by studying history, and/or (c) aren’t critical thinkers might not see the potential dangers in this type of move until it is too late. This should be ended posthaste…and I don’t state that on a whim. History is full of bad acting influential entities that have abused power that they should have never had in the first place. Think about these couple of scenarios:

    1) A startup launches and its success is highly dependent on its ability to deliver various web content to the masses. However, a direct competitor owns and/or operates one or more metaphorical “internet pipelines” (or is an associate of an entity that owns and/or operates one or more metaphorical “internet pipelines”). No problem…just have the delivery of the startup’s web content degraded and/or charge the startup an exorbitant dollar amount. Ours is a fast-paced society full of people who are accustomed to instant gratification. That being the case it is a foregone conclusion that a startup that is subjected to inefficient and/or buggy web content delivery will fail if web content plays a significant role in its business model.

    2) A group is fighting against influential wrongdoers and the group is effectively and rightfully utilizing the internet during the course of their warranted and rightful battle. However, one or more of the wrongdoers owns and/or operates one or more metaphorical “internet pipelines” (or is an associate of an entity that owns and/or operates one or more metaphorical “internet pipelines”). No problem…just have the delivery of the group’s web content degraded and/or charge the group an exorbitant dollar amount. Again, ours is a fast-paced society full of people who are accustomed to instant gratification. That being the case it is a foregone conclusion that a movement against wrongdoers that is subjected to inefficient and/or buggy web content delivery will fail if web content plays a significant role in the movement.

    Those who have a problem visualizing the scenario outlined immediately above need do nothing more than look at corruption-plagued countries that are built upon cultures where censorship is par for the course. Of the many things that this net neutrality move might be, one of the things that it definitely is is a gateway to the implementation of an alternative form of censorship. I’ll repeat that so that it will sink in…a gateway to the IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ALTERNATIVE FORM OF CENSORSHIP.

    There are probably multiple other scenarios that could be listed above but the given scenarios are sufficient to make my point. Again, this is not the right move and IT SHOULD END POSTHASTE. Even if there are conceivably some significant benefits (not that we’re necessarily of the mindset that there are) the very real risks far outweigh any potential rewards. And just in case anyone is saying “if you’re in one of the two groups listed above then sue”, you are naïve. The victims—and make no mistake about it, in the scenarios outlined above they are VICTIMS—indicated in the above two scenarios are already fighting against nearly insurmountable odds and they don’t need any other problems piled on. In other words, in a manner of speaking they are already “down” and don’t need anymore “kicks” such as having their web content interfered with and/or being faced with exorbitant costs. Although some things are right about America, some things are definitely going in the wrong direction. People such as Hitler, those who conducted the Tuskegee Experiment, and those whom were responsible for disseminating smallpox infested blankets to Native American Indians (just to name a few) would have a heyday with this move if they were alive and engaging in their bad acts today. Reason being, it goes without saying that as it stands the internet is the average joe’s most efficient form of a mouthpiece. And let us not forget that in America (as well as in the rest of the world) some of the greatest achievements have been accomplished by determined average joes who spoke out to the masses as efficiently as was possible. Rest assured that this move will make influential bad actors everywhere rejoice…they are likely already planning ways to exploit it (assuming that they haven’t already planned a plethora ways).

    In case anyone somehow thinks that I have no idea what I’m talking about. I will state that I most certainly do. I am personally involved in a long-running, massive, warranted, and rightful fight against epic public corruption. I can tell you that it is an undeniable fact that that warranted and rightful fight has been plagued by civil liberties infringements carried out via wrongful attempts by bad actors to stifle our free speech. For the record the fight is called GATORGAIT and those who are unaware of it can find out more information at the damning, truthful, and lawful website gatorgait-dot-com . Also for the record, the complete website and all of the website’s extensive content works perfectly and efficiently as of the time of this post (i.e. 04/26/2014). Additionally, there has been various other truthful and lawful Gatorgait-related content that has been posted online by us justice seekers and which has remained not interfered with…that content also works perfectly and efficiently as of the time of this post.

    As the net neutrality proposal involves revenue generation I’ve included this paragraph. Any “additional billing”, if any, for internet content received through “the internet pipelines” need only be on the end of the content recipient. Great power for abuse lies in that little area of the unknown created by the uncertainty bred by billing from “both ends”. In the proposed new internet model when your internet account (as a content recipient) is in good standing and lawful content you seek out is delivered in a slow and/or buggy fashion—assuming you can access said desired content at all—your natural response will likely be “oh, the content provider’s account with the ISP must be in ‘bad standing’”. But what if the content provider’s account is not in bad standing and the provider’s lawful content has merely been inappropriately interfered with or censored? No problem, you’ll know that’s the case right…W-R-O-N-G!!! You will likely have no idea of the truth behind the content delivery issue for it goes without saying that any notice posted by the content provider regarding the interference or censorship would likely be posted on the very same sabotaged website (and thus not be viewable or be difficult to view) and/or posted on some other distinct high visibility webpage that would itself likely subsequently be targeted and relatively quickly interfered with or censored. The only thing you could ever be certain of is the good standing or bad standing of your own personal internet service account. Rest assured that bad actors who would abuse the power granted by this assault on net neutrality know these things and are praying that the citizenry (1) has it’s blinders on and (2) is flush with apathy in regards to the matter. Those bad actors’ prayers must not be answered for history has shown time-and-time again that when warranted vigorous opposition is left undone when faced with intentionally-implemented incremental, but significant, wrongful acts (if not outright evil acts) what soon follows is sweeping persecution. If the additional revenue is so necessary—and for the record I’m of the mindset that it likely is not necessary—with all the years that the internet has been operational ISPs have the data available to classify the data volume and speed requirements of the median internet account (as in the median content recipient’s internet account). Using that data, after possibly incorporating a few infrastructure changes, pricing models could be established and tiered as needed…kinda like with cell phones. But with that the following must be stated. In my opinion the anonymity offered by the internet is an awesome thing…sure that anonymity can be abused but it’s my personal opinion that anonymity’s resultant long-term good far outweighs its resultant long-term bad (FYI bad actors who’ve been placed under scrutiny online, to their dismay, know this as well). Having stated that, I prefer the current pricing models where the ISPs calculate acceptable and reasonable profit margin targets and charge their customers that are generally in the same class pretty much the same thing across the board. As long as the ISPs meet their targeted profit margins all is well…that is until greed, corruption, etc. steps into the picture. It is my personal view that anything—that is anything besides the slander and libel remedies already in place and other public-driven backlash—that potentially pushes people towards self-censoring is problematic. And should this revamp of net neutrality be enacted that is exactly one of the things that would likely happen because the proposed billing would likely usher in closer monitoring of people’s internet usage…in other words more surveillance will likely ensue thanks to individualized internet billing. But obviously this time the arena targeted for surveillance will be, reminiscent of CISPA, the internet. Sure the internet might be a more cordial place for it, but the cost for that is way too high. Thankfully the ol’ saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is true in a significant number of cases. When the day comes that America’s leaders (1) are by and large above reproach, (2) consistently show that they are more concerned with serving the interests of the common man than they are with serving themselves and/or elitists whom they’ve embraced, and (3) consistently act with integrity I think we will be able to enact policies that don’t account for dissension (including anonymous lawful dissension). Unfortunately that day hasn’t yet arrived…thus the right to dissent must receive the utmost protection.

    Generally speaking I have lost faith in man’s ability to consistently do what’s right. Over hundreds of years of bad practices and policies promulgated largely by those who have wrongfully and shortsightedly used their gift of intelligence to increase their power and “line their pockets” at the long term expense of mankind and the world we have, as a whole, lost our way. Let’s see where this recent net neutrality move takes us. Just as we opposed the most recent attempt to pass the far too intrusive CISPA and the recent tentative decision regarding search engine censorship we strongly oppose this net neutrality move. Pay attention…close attention. As indicated above I’m jaded; therefore, I have no confidence that if there isn’t an abrupt about face that bad acting men and women won’t ensure that action becomes warranted. It may be soon or it may be later, but rest assured that serious action will become necessary.

    Best wishes to all,

    “Some people see a problem and do something about it. Others do nothing but sit on their a$$e$ and complain. Be a doer.”

  17. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/26/big-data-discrimination_n_5217990.html?utm_hp_ref=business&ir=Business&utm_hp_ref=business

    No mention of how the derivative boyz have been deleting tagged resumes off of places like taleo so that they can then gobble up that baby boomer’s savings, home and R&D job….

    40 million people lost 50K thanks to the algorithms launched gathering up the first users of the internet in the early 1990s – FACT.

    The Department for the Disembowelment of the Living proved they are nothing other than congolese savages (wait for harvest to be picked, kill the villagers, and move in to live off the fruits of the murdered labor) when they provided their billion $$$$ “product” – the ACA sign-up website. It didn’t actually work, did it? The “displaced” baby boomers were the only ones who knew how to build a database that was not just a facade for theft and would have never participated in creating one that was an extraction algorithm.

    I don’t think there is any doubt that good people in the disemboweled middle class (thousands of years of evolution gone in nanosecond trading) were targeted for economic genocide – no doubt at all.

    How depraved is the CYNICAL psychology being used against the VICTIMS – “why can’t you PROVE anything…?” – the claasic stanley kowalski attack on blanche…..


  18. You can’t do double-entry bookkeeping with bitcoins. Which makes it even more insane than FIAT $$$$ traded in dark pools set to “extract it all” done in nanoseconds as the currency needed to water life-maintenance commerce on “main street”.

    How anyone can be steering a global economy without KNOWING double entry bookkeeping is beyond comprehension.

    No wonder why the whole planet is in chaos….NOTHING adds up….

  19. Malicious intent to harm ala economic sanctions – not an act of war?

    As for web censoring – read it this morning, gone now:


    too bad….basically the Guardian story proves how staying completely off the internet is the only financial security anyone can get for themselves anymore and the earlier you got on the internet, the worse off you are….but then “you can’t prove it, Annie”, right? Because collecting the right metadata to prove how algorithm lice attached to the pubis is CENSORED the most viciously on the internet!

  20. No Annie, it is the sum of the parts which adds up to more than the whole which is confusing you. The pools are the gigantic human mistake, always wrong, but never in doubt, they are slated for extinction, of this I am certain.
    A problem today, but gone tomorrow, and don’t forget about the guy(s) who got a doctorite just to take your family,(and many others) money. It’s a side effect of the cocaine driven insanity from which they are derived, and they control about everything under the sun but their own common sense and the timer which is about to cast down an ugly dark fatal day, without notice or advanced warning. The leaves won’t even fall on his grave, and souls won’t sleep in his presence, stay away from the dark pools if you want to sleep at night, Annie.

  21. The comments here are fairly indicative of what the tech sector sounds like to Congress: unhinged utopian creeps who think being smarter than someone should end arguments. Why would Congressional staffers listen to the most unpleasant people they have ever met?

  22. The Congressional staffer needs to fumigate their office after the algorithm liceform (tech sector creep) leaves….


    Who is getting the FIAT FINES? Billions going where, back into the same circle jerk?

  23. @Thornton Hall, I can assure you that the ONLY reason why R&D organizations in USA’s capitalist “business model” are dying

    is because of the massive infestation of “unhinged utopian creeps” – especially in the pharma sector….if people only knew what has been going on – all one big “malicious intent to harm” strategy!

    Don’t dismiss “average” intelligence – it is certainly enough smarts to correctly discern that a liceform does not have superior intelligence just because it is an expert in what it does….infest and suck dry the life of the host…

  24. Shocked, shocked? Not anymore – more Prima Facie evidence – here’s who DESERVES to own a home in USA:


    And from the Department for the Disembowelment of the Living comes this victory – a sub committee watching out for “inwestors”:


    CNBC celebrating 25 years by highlighting the biggest winners in the scramble for the America Dream during that time – Carl Icahn – for “discovering “value” in existing businesses and getting that “value” distributed among “shareholders”. Wow, the cynical use of language has limit in how it benefits perfidy. Yup, the same Carl Icahn that went after Martha Stewart through his “Imclone” investment while the bombs red glare over Iraq – yes, the timing and context matter, don’t they, when it comes to how pre-emptive war garnishes its booty these days

    WORSE than McCarthyism and so easy to prove if not for the pre-emptive financial TERRORISM that has silenced the disemboweled living…..

    In case someone is too confused – let’s clarify what “finding value and distributing it to shareholders” really was – congolese savagery. They killed the producers, moved into the village and are living off the fruits of other people’s labor.

  25. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/03/osce-observers-released_n_5258204.html?utm_hp_ref=world

    Guess what’s gone from Kiev – stolen under the cover of the NOISE made by the fascist coup? Yup, their nation’s gold bars. Anyone shocked?

    I’m 100% certain that Obambi has no clue that this is a repeat USA “global policy” performance, minus the dragging of Czar Nicolai and his whole family off to the woods to get shot by the bankster’s mercs back them – I’m pretty sure mercs are the profession older than prostitution, and, of course, pays way more – that pesky gender gap is ancient….

    We have a Prez who doesn’t understand his own generation’s nihilism, even when it has him by the …..

    GOOD people do not find themselves hurled into nightmare scenarios because their fellow “christians” were helping them to lead moral and ethical lives with the reward of playing by the rules being a FAIR right to the fruit of your labors…Prima Facie evidence is the living disembowelment of the 50+ year olds to pay for Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

    The “economy” that would exist if too big to fail actually failed would be one where the “policy” and “ideology” and the “math” recognized the only reality that matters – that people everywhere on the planet have the RIGHT to make their lives less miserable through honest work. Not that 480 people are going to spend one thin dime of their 2.08 TRILLION on supporting that “right”…right?

    Koch-suckers can be arrested for impersonating “officials” who are allowed to place friends and family under duress before they question them about their neighbor, sister, friend, etc….but if people stood up to do that in NJ, for instance, we’d be mirrowing the situation in eastern Ukraine – burned alive…yeah, I know too many people who have become monsters since 911…they probably were psychologically bent that way, but under Nihilism, they thrive in complete freedom from “law and order”….media “coverage” is sick and cynical propaganda – who is seeking peace?!

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