If the Alabama Medicaid Eligibility Ceiling is $2,832 for a Family of Two . . .

By James Kwak

. . . (source), and Medicaid is more than one-third of Alabama’s budget (same source), what is Alabama doing with all the Medicaid money it gets from the federal government?

14 thoughts on “If the Alabama Medicaid Eligibility Ceiling is $2,832 for a Family of Two . . .

  1. Is is possible that the LTC part of medicaid is doing this? Elderly folks do get nursing home care from medicaid, Do we have breakdowns of how much is spent on which services in alabama medicaid?

  2. I think LTC is about 40% of Medicaid spending in most places. So it is a big factor, but it doesn’t seem like enough to justify such a low eligibility cap.

  3. Shouldn’t you be asking what in the world Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and Barack Obama were thinking when they passed the monstrosity known as the ACA?

    Iirc, there were no Republican votes for it, at all. So its problems are on the Democrats.

  4. They already told us silly. “We had to pass it so you could find out what’s in it”. Chuckle chuckle.
    What more do you need to know?

  5. I think that is the adult cap. Parents at 14% of the FPL, kid’s at 141%, and kid’s represent the bulk of costs. If you are a non pregnant adult, you are SOL.

  6. The real tragedy of education is the lack of quality education. It is seen in so many ways and completely ignored, all for the love of money. There is no need to explain, the decay of everything is everywhere and those costs are starting to add up. The rich continue to give lip service to the middle class and stand by their defective beliefs believing that absolutely NOTHING, can get in there way. I gave them fair warning of the solution, and the, short timer attached to it.

  7. I might have understood what this post is about had you explained what a Medicaid Eligibility ceiling is.

  8. The Federal Medicaid money goes to the providers. It’s not part of the numerator of the fraction (State Medicaid Spending) / (All State Spending)

  9. It is my understanding that at the death of an adult participant, all assets will become the property of the feds (to help reimburse costs of benefits during life). I haven’t had the time to research this to verify it is true. Maybe someone else has. It does make sense, looking at the escalating fed sales pitches to encourage increasing membership. Fed is spending millions on advertising in both English and Spanish, on that and food stamp benefit. There has to be a rainbow for the feds one way or another. My goodness, leading so many to enslavement is a lot of work. Worship the king.

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