Preventing Civil War in South Sudan

By Simon Johnson.  This post comprises the first two paragraphs of a column that appeared on the’s Economix blog on Thursday, December 26, 2013.  To read the full post, click here.

The news from Juba is very bad. South Sudan is in the throes of political conflict and serious fighting, with several hundred people reported dead and more injured, that has the potential to become civil war. Unless cooler heads prevail, the situation in the capital Juba, Bor (the capital of Jonglei state, about 125 miles to the north of Juba), Bentiu (capital of Unity state, which has a lot of oil) and elsewhere could spiral out of control.

The outside world needs to get serious about preventing the escalation of this conflict; we can do this by applying appropriate economic pressure to all the military forces involved and by enduring that oil revenues are not used to fuel the conflict. This will require China, India, France and the United States to cooperate closely and in ways that may not come naturally.

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30 thoughts on “Preventing Civil War in South Sudan

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  2. How about worrying about our own hemisphere. The socialist utopia of Venezuela’s murder rate, say;

    ‘It is now hot news that Venezuela has raced to the first places of the worldwide lists with greater number of murders. And it is not a random event. In actuality, it is so deep seated that one can claim that Venezuela is the only Latin American country which has not been able to diminish its murder rate in the last years. Even Honduras, in the worst scenario, managed to get modest reductions.

    ‘Here, in Venezuela, the thing is different: it is on the rise with each passing day.’

  3. A billion people in China and a billion people in India are having a difficult time getting their FINITE energy out of Africa?

    And this is USA’s problem, how?

  4. SR 153 – good update, luv how dry the reporter is. Wish there were more of that ilk….

    but without all this yaddayadda leading to clawback for the millions robbed, what’s the point? FIAT $$$$, especially, is “symbolic”, so to speak. Instead of 1000 head of cattle trampling through your high rise corner office, here’s the documentation – the double-entry bookkeeping – of the wealth it was issued to represent.

    That remembrance of “Main Street” commerce is a valid tool. And since sycophants have already twisted it to “no one owes you a job”, it’s fair game to reference it from another angle – REALITY.

    There are problems everywhere on Spaceship Earth. I lament the time where we all worked from the checklist of what each “race” LIKED about each other.

    Women have been disproportionately savaged in this war, also. “Not everyone DESERVES to own a home”….good luck living in the “secure” neighborhoods now where you made it big during that economic boom that rested on that principle…

    So Adam Lanza would have fit right in with the Jap WWII Army, it seems…

    Yeah, “Annie” is the problem….here it comes – 3, 2, 1 – “…u so mean…”

  5. Putting the war in South Sudan aside for a day. Happy new year too all baseline readers (new and old). Well it’s been a year, and although Alamaba wanted to be able to aid some of the people by now, he has not securely located any available funds as of this date to do so, but, it is a new year and a stronger more comfortable Alabama still has aces in the hole whch will prove productive as time passes. All was not lost in the process, Alabama made a discovery which puts him right where he needs to be.

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    Now he knew well enough of his principles to keep small tight company over time, and his wife acted as a translator when I needed it, seeings how a year earlier after splitting the family home finances with his 3 other brothers, said to me, he didn’t think he was going to make to 60 years and we were already 54 then. I didn’t at the time want to ask him why he thought this way, (Perhaps it was the danger he posed to himself by wanting to attract bears to his winter dwellings, he always had the largest desire to be in the woods with nature at every given opportunity, and the thrill of being up close and personal with the all might bear was quite tempting I’m sure.), because I knew I would need a future mule on short notice, and he was already in the exact place I needed him to be in. And when I mentioned I might need some help harvesting some gold one day, he was all to happy to extend his hand in help and privacy, so this was a welcome surprise to Alabama, and although I will keep the date a secret, I’m confident once the time arrives, he should be able and ready to assist with quality labor.
    Other than that, Alabama has kept the heat on the financial community hell bent on maintaining the status quo pool of irresponsibility, and soon as that day arrives, he will make up all the provisions lost in the past by those intent on keeping family money, outside the family in a final and permanent way.(Degree or no degree, and to their chagrin I might add).
    But I don’t care about that right now, and they don’t see me coming quite yet, but they can certainly feel the heat of something from somewhere, but most all the guesses are wrong, and so they carry on as if Alabama was not a force to be reckoned with any time soon, and that’s the way I like it, the element of surprise.
    I leave you with this, about the, sometime humble, adventure boy, on his birthday no less.

  6. The problem with trying to stop the weapons and financing of the South Sudan conflict would mean getting a variety of nations to fall into line, including China, Russia and India. But then you would need to get other local nations that can get weapons into the country, and this will be close to impossible. Nations like Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Zimbabwe and other local nations are going to get involved, even at a low level. It will be quite difficult to get any traction going to stop this conflict.

  7. History repeats itself ! The intricate interplay of historic reality informs the any authentically critical insight so that the ultimate comprehension of North African stability is the willingness to create a cultural deep history context. A Deep historical context may well establish a long term “baseline” but the scenario is a repetitive real politik in our contemporary strategic manipulations in that area that can not be excluded from the context of survival and developments in the area. The intervention from international forces can not repeat what is happening in other geopolitical upheavals to chaos. A currency of violence is disrupting large portions of North Africa and the Middle East and it can not be solely attributed to internal civil war. A critical perspective must be establishes concerning the international community and its political incentives, and lets not pretend that suddenly moral values have descended on the conscience of the developed nations that align to intervene. A full strategic plan must be established that defines the objectives and the methods from which to derive a foundation for discovering any comprehensive context for assessing potential resolutions and solutions for the Sudan as well as other political-economic systemic violence in the entire region.
    See: home:


    Click to access 32-130-1950-84-ACOA%20Nigeria%20Diamond%201967%20opt.pdf

    NIGERIA Model of a Colonial Failure

  8. BANGUI, Central African Republic —

    Archbishop and Imam Are United Across Battle Lines in Central African Republic
    Published: December 23, 2013

    “Hundreds have died this month alone. Tens of thousands more have fled their homes. The nation is so precariously divided that diplomats the world over have warned of mass atrocities, even genocide, and sent thousands of international troops to the streets in the hope of preventing them.”

    “But the crisis had been building for years, and the religious leaders said the mutual animosity leading Christians and Muslims to attack one another was, at its roots, a manufactured one, deliberately stoked for political ends. Now, they fear it has taken on a life of its own.”

    “The problem was the politicians who used religion.”

  9. Every human being has the right to make their lives less miserable through HONEST WORK


    the algorithm – More misery for others = More $$$$ for ME ME ME

  10. Southern Sudan has oil and energy resources the worlds largest economies are dependent on accessing or commandeering. After all the lofty (for TV) and ultimately hollow (global economic realities) pitter patter regarding humanitarian, or political concerns – the only issue of any significant concern for the global economy and conflicting oligarchs and tyrannies – is who will commandeer and control Southern Sudans energy resources. Hence – the pipe dream of preventing socalled civil war is irrelevant. War is inevitable. The complicit parrots in the socalled MSM may frame it as a civil war, or an insurgency, or a religious war or whatever term de jeur they conjure, – but harsh bloody reality to the poor people of Southern Sudan, and all those unfortunates ordered to missions there is that WAR is a certainty.

    There is no preventing this war. There is only the certainty of the prosecution of war, (call it what you will) as various tyrannical factions and proxies vie yet again for access to, and control of oil and natural gas in Southern Sudan.

    Oil and energy oligarchs are the peoples enemies; controlling illicitly, illegally, and tyrannically oil and energy supplies and distribution, manipulating prices, and persecuting wars or proxie wars for access and control of oil and energy resources globally.

    Unless and until we move toward Green Energy solutions – the world will remain hot and bloody as oligarchs battle for access to, and control of rapidly depleting, exponentially more costly, and ultimately finite oil and energy resources globally.

    Burn it all down! Reset! It’s the peoples only hope!

  11. Tony, there are wars all around for all kind of reasons at the moment, and this only promises to escalate in the near future.
    And once the reset occurs, you have yet to show me that you will not be consumed in the reset like so many others will. Reset yes, so that the people can stand a chance against these evil persons, because life is hard enough as it is without a financial persecution thrown in the mix. But don’t assume you’ll be anywhere near the top after it all, it’s closer to survival first, orphan second, and Sudden Aging Disease thirdly, cause nobody gets it like they want it, NOBODY.

  12. @tonyforesta
    By Nicola Nasser
    Global Research, November 13, 2013
    Region: Middle East & North Africa
    Theme: Oil and Energy, US NATO War Agenda
    “At the official end of the NATO war for the regime change in Libya on Oct. 31, 2011 U.S. President Obama proclaimed from the White House Rose Garden that this event signaled the advent of “a new and democratic Libya,” but more than two years later Libya is recurring to the pre-Gaddafi old undemocratic tribal and ethnic rivalries with the added value of the exclusionist terrorist religious fundamentalism wearing the mantle of Islamist Jihad.”
    “Libya almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable: Oil Industry Target of Violent Attacks”
    Global Research
    …..Procuring international help? Idealism already under corruption.
    The Status Quo in North Africa is Chaos and self destruction under
    “civil wars” of disunity; while the geo-politik of global oil consumes everything realistically possible. This is creative destruction for financial neo-conservativism and global strategic incentives. The patterned blame of tribal civil war & dissension as the absolute cause
    of violent upheavals in North Africa needs to be critically questioned.
    The power of factional opportunists are puppets in the greater arena and the international will is only to let it burn…and in that regard, Tony
    is more right than we are willing to accept. The only part I can not agree with, but is PART AND PARCEL of the overall propaganda is that war is inevitable…perpetual war is not real…it is a market reality.
    Does that sound like an error? I repeat…IT IS A MARKET REALITY>

  13. First – whatever emerges after the reset will carry the haunting knowledge of what failed. Fascism, bigotry, racism, religious persecution, ignorance, environmental abuse, tyranny – and the list is long. All that divides and subtracts. Also what will be known is what did work. Democracy, freedom, equality, civil rights and protections, stalwart separation of church and state, community, goodwill, equanimity and blindness in the administration of justice, cooperation, environmental respect and appreciation, and this list is also long. All that adds and multiplies! We will know these terrible truths as we implement the Reset.

    The predatorclass today are ruthless lawless psychopaths obdurately seeking and insidiously succeeding in – total domination of the earth, and all earths creatures. It’s an us or them dynamic. The predatorclass is bent on enslaving, incarcerating, or exterminating all those not predatorclass – so Secondly – present trajectories are unsustainable, and the predatorclass conjured ends couldn’t be worse for the people.

    Burn it all down! Reset! There’s no other hope to escape the ruthless tyranny of the predatorclass!

  14. You forgot misogyny and fetishism, Tony. Just to be clear, those 2 charming traits I would add in the “predator” column……as long as “dark money” continues to put $$ in the pockets of the scum bag misogynists that target community treasures – like amateur astronomy clubs – to viciously target the most loved and respected members (natural born leaders) who have a lifetime of GOOD behind them, then there is no reset other than WAR – I totally agree with that. That’s why I have been beating the drum for a JUST WAR (see the too-many times I referenced the 4 points).

    Mano et mano – I’m definitely going to go “bar brawl” with the hooligans sent in to destroy through the local amateur astronomy club….why not? I’ll be “forgiven” for being pushed too far, right? :-)

    Have to stop fighting the skirmishes that THE MONKEY BRAIN HOOLIGANS start and instead get organized for the major battles that can be won…

    There’s no hope for avoiding a war in the Sudan….just like there isn’t any hope anymore for avoiding one in the USA…you can’t take away a LIFETIME of the fruits of people’s honest labor “for the greater good” away from MILLIONS of USA born and bred citizens without “unintended consequences”….see Detroit for Prima Facie evidence….bitcoin that….

  15. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for the “unintended consequences” to show themselves for quite a while now, and nothing has shown it’self as having any strength against lawmakers and regulators. If you guys live by the sword, you shall most certainly die by sword, this is one thing I know, it’s just a question of timing.


    Enough “Third World” for ya yet….? “unintended consequences” of Corzine, Mengele, er, I mean Menendez, and Crispy Creme “no education for u” Christie….?

    Punch their lights out – sheesh, u ‘rabs and your FETISH for swords – how BORING…

    Sudan is “….walking on the mines they’ve laid….”

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