The Politics of Intellectual Fashion

By James Kwak

Update: See bottom of post.

For years now, Anat Admati has been leading the charge for higher capital requirements for banks, especially large banks that benefit from government subsidies, first in a widely cited paper and more recently in her book with Martin Hellwig, The Banker’s New Clothes. Admati’s great service has been clearing the underbrush of misunderstandings and half-truths so that it is possible to have a debate about the benefits of higher capital requirements. Yet even after all this work, the media (and, of course, the banking lobby) continue to repeat claims that are simply false or highly misleading.

In another effort to beat back the tides of ignorance, Admati and Hellwig have put out a new document, “The Parade of the Bankers’ New Clothes Continues,” which catalogs and addresses these claims. In the simply false category, the most common is probably that capital is “set aside”; in fact, banking capital is assets minus liabilities, and the capital requirement places no restrictions on what a bank can do with those assets.

In the highly misleading category is the claim that higher capital requirements would force banks to reduce their lending. Banks can respond to higher capital requirements by raising more equity capital or by reducing their balance sheets. As Admati and Hellwig write, “If increased equity requirements cause banks to reduce their lending, the reason is that they do not want to increase their equity.” (If they can’t sell new shares, then they have more fundamental problems and probably shouldn’t be in business.) And why don’t they want to increase their equity? Because executives have one-way compensation packages based on return on equity, which is not adjusted for risk, so they don’t want to increase the denominator.

As Admati and Hellwig no doubt realize, this is not a battle that is going to be won solely with truth, light, and logic. The banking lobby has a vested interest in sowing confusion, with masterpieces like the IIF’s “report” claiming that higher capital requirements would shrink the global economy by 3.2 percent. And as long as bankers say that such-and-such a regulation will hurt growth and kill jobs, they will get a hearing. Ultimately, it’s all about politics, which was roughly the message of 13 Bankers. (Which is another reason why, in the long run, the only things that matter are campaign finance reform and early childhood education.)

Update: Banks’ unwillingness to increase equity by selling shares (or by not doing buybacks and dividends) is not simply due to one-sided bonus packages tied to ROE. A perhaps more serious problem is that of debt overhang. In short, if a company already has a lot of debt and its solvency is in question, shareholders will be reluctant to put more equity into the firm. That new money would mainly provide greater security to creditors, increasing the value of the firm’s debt, without providing much benefit to equity holders. So in this case, it’s not just the bank’s managers who resist selling new shares; they are actually doing so in the interests of shareholders (but not society). (For much more, see this paper by Admati et al.).

There are two solutions to this problem. First, if the bank really is insolvent, it should be shut down. Second, if it isn’t, regulators could force the bank to retain its earnings rather than paying them out in dividends and buybacks; over time, that would increase the amount of equity in the firm. Creditors could also refuse to lend to a bank that is too highly leveraged—but in the case of systemically important banks, creditors don’t really care, because they know they will be bailed out in a crisis. (That is undeniable, even for people who think that managers and shareholders might not be bailed out.) 

20 thoughts on “The Politics of Intellectual Fashion

  1. All that the vested interests require is some reasonable-sounding cover for not lowering capital requirements. All the legislators need is cover. And they both have enough. Frankly, simply claiming over and over that it would harm growth and jobs would be enough — even without the data. Noise.

    What seems to be lost is that citizens can voluntarily shrink the size of the Big 6 without relying at all on a bought-and-paid-for government. Citizens can secure the safety of their own financial system and protect themselve from a TBTF policy that may end up costing them and children enormous future taxes (either real or through inflation).

    JPMorgan, BofA, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley. Bank and Invest Eslewhere. Divest until they are of such size that they would be allowed to fail.

  2. The new document here which clarifies many issues is a great document. And I must say that the biggest favor Admati and Hellwig are doing is daring to put the force of their academic prestige behind some real truths that need to be told… like when in Flawed Claim 15 they write “the studies that support the Basel III proposals are based on flawed models and their quantitative results are meaningless.”

    That said, their analysis of capital requirements is based almost exclusively from the angle of making the banks safer, and not from the angle that wrong capital requirements, like the current ones which are based on perceived risk, can distort bank lending to such a degree that it can endanger the whole real economy.

  3. @Per – following the circle jerk of FIAT $$$$ distribution once it is all sucked out of the real economy MUST include this on top of crap like the Patent Assertion Entity:

    When you watch the psychos on CNBC, the safe and mature retirement funds in Big Pharma for the handful of LYING executives who cheapened manufacturing until black particulates in injectables are ignored by the drone slaves who can’t speak or write English (perfect excuse for not writing a quality control report) DEPENDS on shutting down RESEARCH Departments and FIRING every ethical scientist that ever walked this planet. And that’s not enough, so enter the IRS to paw through people’s health records to figure out how you paid for medical attention and if the PHARISEES rules were broken – did NOT buy private for profit health insurance to pour 6K to the mafia protection racket planted now in between the doc and the patient? Here’s your FINE.

    So good point – what do you masters of the universe consider *risky*…?

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  4. If banks are capital constrained, rather than reserve constrained (keep in mind many countries these days don’t even have reserve requirements) than this entire analysis is wildly inaccurate. The thinking is actually quite simple, is the cost of capital higher than the cost of reserves? The answer, especially if capital requirements are raised, is yes for almost all financial institutions (again, most do not even operate with reserve requirements).
    Raising capital requirements increases the cost of capital that must be taken into consideration when making a loan. This raises the economy wide interest rate and is contractionary monetary policy. Contractionary monetary policy in an environment of deficient demand is terrible public policy. Come on people, this isn’t rocket science.

  5. @Donna – good question about why early childhood education….

    Here’s one opinion:

    There is a big difference, philosophically, between the sexes in how to RAISE a human being.

    Meanwhile, with the corporatization of education, Med school students are graduating without being allowed to study a big wad of “known” irrefutable science regarding teratogenic effects. Maybe because someone got sold the story that with drugs you can up the IQ of your kid – even though the teratogenic data proves otherwise?

    Union of Ethical Scientists who can’t get fired for telling the truth is a very real necessity in the “Now” because it is the critical “labor” battle of the 21st century. A shareholders vs. talent battle…

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  16. In the UK I would certainly say that most of the major banks (Lloyds, RBS) have little opportunity to increase their equity at the current time. The UK government own the majority of these banks after bailing them out. As they are put under pressure to improve their capital base they do it by reducing “riskier” lending. This is despite getting cheap money from a government wanting an increase in lending.

    It may be possible in the long term under different conditions but at the moment equity is not an option.

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