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By James Kwak

At the suggestion of an anonymous commenter, I decided to use Vienna, an open-source OS X RSS reader, to download monthly feeds and “print” them to PDFs, so the blog archive is now up to date. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, since I wanted an online solution, but I don’t mind installing new software on my Mac as much as I minded it on a PC.

8 thoughts on “Blog Archive Updated

  1. I just wanted to make a comment on the Warren CFPA nomination. If the Democrats were smart they would flip that nomination into a “Liz Warren for Senate” rally cry, and put her up against Scott Brown in 2012 senate race. I believe Brown is against her nomination so she can frame herself in that light…

  2. Sorry, didn’t mean to post that suggestion without logging in. That was me, JC. Glad it worked out for you!

  3. Not sure what you mean by “you cannot serve two masters”? Those who think that Warren would be awesome as CFPA; wouldn’t it be better if she was Senator providing oversight of the CFPA?

  4. @ ORID

    “you cannot serve two masters?”

    The politics in Massachusetts have change dramatically since Ted Kennedy’s death, and the subsequent 2010 consensus. The Governor of Massachusetts is very popular and close to Obama, and “Team”. US Rep. Ed Markey, US Rep. Jim McGovern, and US Rep. Richard Neal could throw their hats into the race for the Massachusetts US Senate…and of course Ms. Elizabeth Warren [?].
    US Senate Scott Brown isn’t terribly disliked in Massachusetts as some would have you believe. Big Pro- Business is on his side with mucho dollars in campaign funding, and his favorable selection/ appointments to various senate committees of influence, only polish brightly this junior [interim special 2010 election] 2012 re-election bid for Congress.
    Because of the 2010 Census…either/ or US.Rep. Richard Neal or US Rep. John Olver must relinquish ones seat.
    US Rep. Richard Neal has alot going for himself politically. He was instrumental in 1996 for carrying Western Mass, and the Berkshires…vaulting the weakened US Senator John Kerry to [whom surely looked as only a one term senator from Massachusetts] victory. Through the invite of President Clinton to offer up a superb endorsement speech in Western, Mass. on a sub-freezing wintry evening he [Kerry] carried the state into victory.
    US Rep. Richard Neal was relentless, and steadfast behind Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid in 2010, and never-ever did waiver with his support.
    The Clinton’s, US Senator Kerry, and the entire Obama team will be behind US Rep. Richard Neal if he does decide to run for Massachusetts United States Senate Democratic race in 2012.
    Don’t expect a cakewalk for any democratic candidate that gets the nod…for US Senator Republican Brown is a formidable opponent as he’s shown in such a short time line.
    Ms. Elizabeth Warren isn’t of the political makeup that enables/ requires her to straddle/ compromise her personal philosophies, and ideologies to satisfy the whims of a congress that is totally dysfunctional and psychotic [?]?
    Think of “Two Master’s as a Carrot, and a Stick – the Cake {carrot} is only of One-Slice (stick) – and once gone, there is no need for Neither”?

  5. @ ORID

    PS. In fact…if President Obama were smart he’d be talking to VP.Joe Biden to step aside for the good of the democratic party and let Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fill the slot for the 2012 Presidential ticket {JMHO}.

    Thankyou James and Simon

  6. Thanks for the insights. Politico’s or people that understand their thinking scare me. I suppose I’d rather have someone like Warren in the Senate, simply because they are a bunch of dishonest fiends; but its impossible since in order to be a Senator one has to sell the soul first (unless you live in a state like Kentucky and can be as pure as Bunning and Rand Paul). I’m not ultimately sold on Warren’s purity though… she pulled enough punches as the TARP COP… probably because she could envision getting a post in the Administration or a future in politics.

    You brought a lot more insight than my simple thoughts.

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