Important Matters

By James Kwak

I know you can’t wait to hear my thoughts on the NCAA basketball tournament, but I’ve put them on my personal blog. I used to have a personal blog, and one my friends said he preferred it to The Baseline Scenario, so I started a new one recently for things that don’t have to do with economics, politics, business, the law, or the like. I post to it occasionally — just whenever I have something I want to say that doesn’t feel like a Baseline Scenario post. You can visit it or not, as you choose.

7 thoughts on “Important Matters

  1. I had no idea. What are the URLs for all the non-secret private blogs? (I vaguely knew that Felix had one.)

  2. I took a look at highlights on your blog and read a few of the items. I remember being pretty disappointed that Obama gave torture a pass as well, but at the time he was new, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But after over two years of repeated disappointments, and now that we see how he does things, his decision to not investigate torture makes perfect sense, and should not be a surprise in hindsight.

  3. I can’t give you Klein’s because if that got out the entire Progressive movement would collapse. I’ll trade you Krugman’s though, for Simon Johnson’s.

    I haven’t been back to Salmon’s ever since the great Pork Incident of 2010.

  4. So is this where Geithner gets down on his knees and pulls a Hank Paulson move to save the economy?

    And that felix needs to have his head examend. I’m gonna double check his credit rating.

  5. Keep doing the great work James. Just keep posting more of your views on important matters so that we keep getting more and more awareness.

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