Not Clear on the Concept

By James Kwak

From Congressman Spencer Bachus’s Media Center (these are the actual titles of four consecutive press releases):

25 thoughts on “Not Clear on the Concept

  1. Funny that the next release on this 10TH TERM CONGRESSMAN’S press page is:


    Nice work Spence. How long until someone else gets a chance to represent this district?

  2. The irony is pretty thick, but it is conceivable the fire projects could be viewed as something other than pork barrel spending to present a consistent message. I’m not sure they are anything but pork, but maybe. I’m trying to be charitable.

  3. This is pretty much SOP for Republicans at this point; spending in THEIR districts shouldn’t be cut, just all the money we’re giving to “those people”…

  4. You got it. Just like resisting universal health care is all about not paying for “those people.” Even in their own districts.

  5. I’m pretty sure the congressmen and his minions are clear on the concept. It’s those receiving the message that they expect not to be clear.

  6. I live in the 6th Distict in Alabama and we have waited much too long for many of these projects to be funded.

  7. Off topic but related.

    So the quants (best and the brightest of the mathematicians and physicists) went to Wall Street to attend to risk management. This after some other brilliant risk managers convinced Japan it was safe to build 53 nuclear reactors in an earthquake zone.

    What a mess.

  8. I’d say it was most likely *before* the quants that Japan’s plans happened. The reactors are all 30-40 years old.

  9. Even more ironic–some of the funds are to be used to recruit career staff. You know–more public workers who feed off society with their demands for decent wages, benefits, and some kind of retirement, at least according to the Republicans. They demonize public servants on one hand, and then act like they are helping society on the other. After these people get hired, they’ll get treated like they are the problem with society, when it is really our Congress.

  10. Concept? We don’t need no stinking Concept!

    First responders, baby! When them terrorists blow up that nuke you’re gonna want the VFD then.

  11. Spenser is just keeping up with the Jones’s. This is what they do, after they say what they think you will believe, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

  12. Why leave it up to the terrorists?? The politicians and designers can do that all by themselves baby!

  13. How long? A very long time, based on the headlines presented here. Bachus is being just the right kind of hypocrite.

  14. Would you be willing to support funding similar items for a democrat district in some other part of the country?

  15. If consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, what size of mind is suggested by the hypocrisy of these people?

  16. Dude, you can’t be not for earmarks and then be for earmarks. You can’t be for deficit reduction but not your own pet projects.

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