Branching Out

By James Kwak

Tomorrow I’ll be writing the February 18 post for the3six5, a collective diary written by 365 different people, mostly creative/artistic/media types (which I am not, in case you hadn’t noticed). The post should be a diary entry for that day — so, not an analysis of the Treasury’s proposal for Fannie and Freddie, for example. But if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

11 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. Why not take the opportunity tomorrow to think about how you are going to save for your retirement; and just for a starter whether you should make the investment decisions yourself or whether you should delegate that to a Wall Street firm?

  2. Never discussed is US bailout monies potential for being channeled into hyper-development projects (pharonic hydropower dams in the Amazon, MASSIVE agrofuel growth, petrochemical impunity, human/indigenous rights violations/genocide)through IMF, WB, BNDES, corporate take-overs, debilitation of entire sectors of humanity (the little guys).

    Unsustainable, externalization in its most abusive forms surpassing point of diminishing returns and into karmic territory on a planetary scale. I realize terms like this ought not be used here… but so it goes.

    Massive profit margins require massively marginalized populations and biomes. Until this becomes part of the conversation, we are not only profoundly complicit but are the teeth on the mythological snake eating its tail.

    If we’re to regard this condition as having already fallen off the proverbial edge, its a major risk to disregard our feet standing on the ground connected to it continuing to be pulled out from under us.

  3. I will have to argue with your denial of your creative/artistic/media talents! You seem creative to me, and you are engaged in a form of media…don’t know for sure about the artistic abilities, but I bet you have them! How many “balls are you juggling in the air” right now, James? You’re the busiest law student I’ve ever seen! ~~~:-)

  4. Well, since you will want to have a link to your blog at the end of your post (similar to the previous writers), it’ll be hard to completely stay away from what you’re writing here. So, since you have to combine it anyway, I would wonder whether it’s sometimes a burden to write this blog or whether the anger about “TBTF” is so big that writing about it is more a relieve.

  5. edit required:

    a favorite moment of the day / a vexation / where you’d really like to be that day

    best of luck

  6. Not to worry my dear, standing feet have been known to overly leverage their positions occasionally and have to fall back on the defencive, slightly. Its administrators whom make massive profit margins who are the actual problem and they too eventually face consequences. As are many cities/States that are falling victim to a bad derivitives market, unable to pay their bonds and so cuts need to be made, in a hurry. As is the current case in WI and perhaps coming to a city near you.

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