13 Bankers

The day that President Obama came out in favor of size and scope limits for banks seems like a good day to tell you about our new book, 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown–in which we argue for hard size limits on banks, among other things. While we end up talking about the financial crisis, the way the government responded to it, and the too big to fail issue, it’s really a book about power–the economic and political power of the banking industry both recently and throughout American history, the problems it creates, and what we can do about it.

The book will be out on April 6 (or maybe a week earlier), but you can already pre-order it wherever books are pre-ordered. In the meantime, to learn more, we have a new book web site with its own blog (for book-related news and thoughts).

Now, back to proof-reading . . .

By James Kwak

16 thoughts on “13 Bankers

  1. It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen?

    Congratulations on the book. Here’s hoping it becomes a best-seller.

  2. I am not so sure about the Republicans wanting to kill these proposals. There is a difference between obstructing legislation that people want and legislation that they do not want. If the Democrats can tap into the popular rage against Wall Street, and paint themselves as being obstructed by Republican intransigence, they may yet salvage November.

    I am more worried about Chris Dodd and who will be providing his paycheck in 2011.

    Come to think of it, maybe Republican obstructionism is exactly what the Democrats want. They can keep their Wall Street masters happy by failing to pass meaningful reform, while simultaneously pandering to ordinary people by saying, “Well, we tried.” The more I think about it, the more I think this is precisely the plan.

  3. I hope the book is a success. I don’t by these books often, but I imagine I will fork over the money, at least for the paperback. I like this way of advertising, just very upfront and honest and saying “Here is a our book!!!”. This is the proper way. Some bloggers will use any excuse to make every topic relate to their book and provide little links and cheap style reminders. Please do it this same way in the future. Don’t insult the reader’s intelligence. When you advertise, advertise the same as you did here and be honest about it. Don’t start doing the cute little links because it’s a cheap (socially I mean) way to address your readers–always do it this way, full-force promo, or let it be.

    I really wish you guys good fortune and NYT bestseller for weeks. In today’s world of shallow public dialogue, we need guys like you two to try to raise the bar. Other than someone like Stiglitz or Volcker I can think of no one more deserving than James Kwak and Simon Johnson.

  4. Cant wait. PLLLEEEAAAASSEEE spell out the costs of the crisis to ordinary Americans in terms of their average income, proportional to cost of e.g. govt. putting their kid through school, etc etc

    Simple, devastating conclusions about what 2008 cost us will be a crucial part of getting a broader audience interested in how it actually happened and especially what we must do to avoid it happening again…

    PS the last time I set out to buy something on the morning it came out (as I’ll be doing with 13 Bankers) was Oasis’s 3rd album in 1997, “be here now”. The album turned out to be s*** and I had to totally reassess my taste in music afterwards, never touching Oasis again and re-examining my formerly strong belief that I was somewhat immune to hype and groupthink. But I have high hopes for the book!


  5. Whil I’m sure it’ll be a great book, I hope you don’t mind me saying that I hope that by April 6th it is out of date!

    (Unlikely though)

  6. Baseline Scenario has its book.
    Yves Smith has her book.
    When will Felix Salmon issue his?

    I’ll wait until I can browse the table of content.

  7. Having read this blog appreciatively for over a year by now, I don’t doubt that the book makes sensible recommendations and I hope it gains a wide audience.

  8. In light of the Democrats losing the super majority in the Senate and suddenly making this announcement, I was sure it was the plan immediately. I hope it’s not though.

  9. I hoped Simon would be on Newshour, but instead they had Geithner and Rep. Scott Garrett. Wow, SJ smokes both of those turkeys. Given these ongoing events coinciding with the book’s release, I’ve leapt from wishing to full confidence that Simon will get on Charlie Rose’s show. Eager to see what happens amidst possible fortuitous timing.

  10. Good luck with the book! I’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, definitely going to pre-order this one!

  11. I am amazed by James Kwak. Truly an impressive intelligence at work here. How can James write a book, post several times a day, while attending Yale Law School all at the same time! It’s truly amazing.

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