At the Beach

I will be at the beach with my family for a week. I’m not certain about this, but there is a strong possibility that I will not be using a computer, let alone checking email or blogging. (Computers are useful when traveling, especially since I don’t have an iPhone or a Blackberry, but if you have one then there is the temptation to check your email, and then you are on a slippery slope to hell.)

Luckily for you, Mike Konczal, aka Mike Rorty, of Rortybomb and The Atlantic, has agreed to be my stand-in for the week and will be guest-blogging here. Mike is a bona fide financial engineer with the good sense to live in the San Francisco area, and is a natural with economics, finance, public policy, and the English language.


(Simon will probably still be blogging, although he will also be on vacation; in fact, he has been on vacation for the past week.)

By James Kwak

13 thoughts on “At the Beach

  1. Sounds good. The English language, as opposed to the Orwellian, is one of the rarest things these days.

    Which is why blogs like this are so good. :)

  2. So, your telling us that Simon’s summer reading is the transcripts from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting of August 2003. That’s just sad.

    Have a nice vacaton. (leave the computer at home)

  3. have a nice a wonderful a gorgeous time
    – will be good to check whether it’s still enthusiasm or already addiction

  4. This site has annoyed me extremely recently. But I want to applaud the choice of Mike Konczal as fill-in. You couldn’t choose a better guy. Kudos

  5. Financial Engineer, same guy that runs the Rortybomb blog and will soon be writing for Atlantic Magazine’s website.

  6. Still could be the same guy.

    (Richard?)RortyBomb, is this you?

    But… tale of two Konczal’s:

    There’s one that worked at KICU in San Francisco in 1992, then KPIX in 1998.

    There’s one that worked at the University of Southwestern Louisiana’s News Service in 1992 (and is now working at the PR company in the link above).

    Makes a lot more sense that SF newsman is the right one, but how do you go from newsman to “financial engineer”? Never heard of that trick before.

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