We’re on Kindle

At the request of a few readers, we’re now publishing the blog to Kindle. I have a suspicion that block quotes in some posts may not work properly. (I used to use a simple indent for block quotes; now I use the <blockquote> tag to try to solve this problem.)

I have never seen or touched a Kindle, so I have no way of testing it. Please let me know if you try this out and if you have any problems.

By James Kwak

7 thoughts on “We’re on Kindle

  1. Actually got you on the Kindle two days ago. Works great, links work more or less. Comments are not available, but you always seem to promote the best ones in later posts.

  2. Seeing your blog entry I had to try it. Works quite well. The html code for blockquote not having any effect as the quotes are presented as another paragraph. Connected smoothly to the 3 or 4 links I tried. The Kindle is not a replacement for a computer view but very adequate when a pc is not available.

  3. Regular readers of the Krugman blog know that he’s an early Kindle adopter. The thinking went: “If a few regular readers asked for kindle compatibility, chances are small BS (Acronym for Baseline Scenario is BS… pretty unfortunate) would oblige, but if a prize winning economist or two asks for it…” In other words, doesn’t matter.

  4. I must have subscribed within minutes of it going live, as I just happened to think to check if you were there yet while looking for something else. Absolutely worth the $.99/month for me.

    Formatting looks fine. Their RSS converter is doing a perfect job inserting section breaks in the right places and picking up the post titles for the article list. You are right that it’s losing the indents on the blockquotes, but I can generally tell where the quote starts and stops. If you want to eliminate all confusion, you could start using the format that I was taught back in school in the 1970s, which is to start the blockquote with a quotation mark, and every new paragraph of the block quote with a quotation mark, and end the last paragraph of the blockquote with a quotation mark. But it hasn’t been necessary yet.

    Of course, reading it on the Kindle means that I miss the comment threads, and have to find the article on the web if I want to comment. But it’s a small price to pay to have it with me wherever I go, to be able to hand it to someone I’m talking to and show them what you all said about something recent, to get updates when you send them instead of having to manually check the web page for news or subscribe via a different RSS reader. And this way you get paid, at least a pittance.

    Good luck, and welcome to the Kindle! I hope you make it into the top 10 under News and Opinion, at the very least; you’re providing a great service.

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