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If your comments are not showing up: We use, and its optional spam filter, Akismet. I have no control over what Akismet flags as spam. Ordinarily it is very good, but I just looked in the spam folder and noticed that an unusually high number of legitimate comments got accidentally flagged as spam. I freed those I found from spam-land (which should help those of you who are serial commenters), but this problem may recur. I don’t have time to check the spam filter very often, but I will try to glance at it now and then.

We also filter for certain abusive or profane words and for people with a history of writing abusive comments (personal attacks on other people).

By James Kwak

11 thoughts on “Comments and the Spam Filter

  1. Have you considered using an alternative anti-spam method? Like the “Challenge” plugin for WordPress? ( You can set up a question that requires the person posting the reply to do basic math/reading comp. I use it on my kid’s blog with something like:
    Jack had [random #] of Giraffes, Jill has [random #] of Lions, and Tom had [random #] of zebras. How many long necked animals and black and white stripped animals did they have?

    If someone gets it wrong they try again (with different random numbers)

    In your case you could do something financial :)

    It’s eliminated spam that made it past Akismet.

  2. You may want to consider the following to make this site more reader friendly.

    1. use a captcha mechanism to stop scripted spams

    2. use a comment rating system that leverage your reader to rate comment. this will make it much easier (like slashdot) to filter out the insightful comments from meaningless rants.

    By the way, I think #2 is even more urgently needed than #1. This site is attracting a lot of comments. However, consider the time everyone wasted reading all the meaningless rants.

  3. Of course Ben, silence those who point out the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts….but it’s still the truth…isn’t it?

  4. All comments are preserved and accessible. Next to each comment is a 5 star rating by the whole community. Each reader can choose to read all the comments regardless of it’s start rating or he can choose to read only those comments that are rated 5 stars.

    Everyone can voice their opinion. Everyone can choose where they spent their reading time. Anyway, you can see this in action on

  5. The problem is we use, which is pretty inflexible. There are many plug-ins that work for (their software, which you host yourself), but not on If you know of a solution that works on, let me know.

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  7. I use an Apple. When I wanted to cancel updates to individual responses to posts it even cancelled the general e-mail updates from Mr. Kwan’s writings. Then when I tried to get reset for the big email updates from Mr. Kwan it just tells me I’m already receiving them—but I haven’t gotten any for several days. HELP ANYBODY???? I really love this site.

  8. Ted,

    Send me an email at baselinescenario at gmail dot com. Include the email address you want updates sent to. I will try to fix this.


  9. I am guessing you already know the following.

    It is not a scalable solution for you to manually police the comments. You need a commenting community that self polices. You really need a comment rating and filtering system that leverage the community.

    Besides cleaning up the comments, it will also raise the quality of the comments.

  10. I hit submit too soon.

    You should seriously consider moving off and on to something else if this blog is to reach the next level.

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