The G20 Has A New Website: HM Treasury

I’ve been calling for the G20 to modernize its communications strategy, including by updating their website from time to time.

I know the British (incoming chairs) are working on this, but there are still glitches.  At the time of posting, if you click on, you get, which is not exactly the same thing.  And the link at the top of that page (next to the signature red phone box) doesn’t work… 

I suggest you try this instead:, and write up your reviews (on substance, process, or technology in and around the summit) as comments here – I will bring them to the attention of the appropriate authorities.

(Update: they fixed the links within a few hours; now they could edit their FAQ so they make more sense, or just use a spellchecker, e.g., ”The G20 is carrying out the parpartory work for the Leaders summit in London on 2nd April”)

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