MIT Class on GM, G20 and Good News (if any)

Our next MIT class on the global crisis will run Tuesday, 4pm-7pm; live webcast available through a link on this site or directly through MIT Sloan.  Likely topics include:

  • Where do we stand in terms of the overall financial crisis?  Is it over yet?
  • General Motors: to bail out or not bail out?
  • The G20 Summit: good, bad or was it surprisingly ugly?

And we’d be happy to discuss other topics that you suggest here.

The class from last week is available to download (there was no class this week due to the holiday).

Update: you can preview some of the (GM and G20) issues under consideration in my podcast from MIT Sloan today.

One thought on “MIT Class on GM, G20 and Good News (if any)

  1. I’m sorry, but did I miss something? How can you possibly claim to be “non-partisan” considering your association with the IMF?

    For anyone who still has ears to listen: 1) Abolish the private, “fed” central bank and end their currency monopoly—and, get rid of the IRS and the current taxation system—these can’t happen soon enough; repeal the 16th amendment; return the manufacture/issue of currency to the federal gov’t and back it with something that has intrinsic value; enact a consumption tax to be administered by various state taxing authorities; end the reprehensible practice of fractional reserve banking and the banks’ ability to create assets out of thin air; the estimated $15 trillion of offshore U. S. Dollars will come back home like a tidal wave; stand back and watch the rapidly re-capitalized economy explode like nothing ever seen in history… over for the bankers and the tax-and-spend politicians.

    By the way, the bubbles are—and were—engineered. If anyone desires to know the truth of this whole mess, visit This lady (former asst. Director of HUD under Bush I) has tremendous insight about how we got where we are today, and she backs up everything she says. It will amaze you.

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