Yet More on GM

My two earlier posts on the auto industry and GM have been among the most-commented-on posts in our brief history. For those who want a crash course on GM’s problems and whether or not bankruptcy is a possible solution, I strongly recommend two podcasts from Planet Money.

  • Kimberly Rodriguez, an economist, talks about the importance of the industry, but also the problems with simply giving GM an operational loan.
  • Steve Jakubowski, a bankruptcy lawyer, explains the risks of GM entering Chapter 11 (if you’re curious about the market for debtor-in-possession financing, listen to this), but also explains how a “prepackaged” bankruptcy, possibly funded by the government, could work.

Simon also tells me he talked through the arguments on both sides of the GM issue in his latest installment for the MIT Sloan podcast. (I haven’t had time to listen to it yet.)

If there’s a consensus between them, I’d say it’s that some kind of brokered solution is better than either simply leaving GM alone or simply handing them a loan without strings attached. (It is possible, however, that a loan might be necessary just to buy enough time to broker the solution.)

The New York Times is reporting that it could all be academic, since Senate Republicans and President Bush are opposed to doing anything for GM, and GM could be unable to pay its bills by the time Obama takes office.

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  1. I didn’t take a salary at Chrysler and paid the Government back. Someone needs to step up, be a leader, and follow my lead.

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