2 thoughts on “saving-the-eurozone-oct-27-2008-class-one

  1. Hi, Simon,

    I come from China as a visiting scholar in MIT Sloan. Prof. Akula recommand your series to me. I attend your lecture yesterday and enjoyed it. However, I think you talk too much about China. I am wondering what China could do in this crisis, as the 2 trillion reserve of China are not cash, I guess most of them are US treasuries. Furthermore, the banking system will face greater pressure, as more private enterprises suffered huge loss, as well as the bad accounts come from the falling price of real estate.
    And I don’t think renminbi will appreciate in the short term, at least in one year. One thing important in China is the government’s intevene. Fox example, the government could invest $45b on Olympics. I believe government will keep the currency constant to stimulate the export. Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

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