Simon on Diane Rehm Show Today (10/9)

Simon will be a guest on the Diane Rehm Show (WAMU, syndicated on NPR) from 10 am to 11 am (U.S. Eastern time). This is a call-in show, so you’ll be able to ask questions of the panel at 1-800-433-8850 or

Update: You can now listen to the show here.

3 thoughts on “Simon on Diane Rehm Show Today (10/9)

  1. thanks for appearing today on the DR show. I will be reading your website and passing it along. do you have a share link button on your site? I will look.

    thanks again for “sharing” . . . we all need to better understand the system we live in and through.


  2. How about raising federal gas taxes by ten cents while the price is down to raise revenue to fund alternative energy sources.

  3. I think increasing gas taxes is a sensible solution to a different problem – the need to lower incentives to use oil and increase incentives to use alternate forms of energy. Given the current crisis, it would be a mistake to increase the overall tax burden, because we want to get more money into people’s hands so they will spend it.

    It would be reasonable to increase gas taxes (because it has a beneficial effect on our overall energy usage) while at the same time lowering other taxes so that there is no net increase in taxes. And now would be a good time to do it, because gas prices have fallen almost a dollar in some places from their peak. Whether it is politically feasible is another question. Maybe during the next administration’s honeymoon period.

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