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Overweight Fiscal? (The Obama Economic Plan)

Most of the current discussion regarding the Obama Economic Plan focuses on whether the fiscal stimulus should be somewhat larger or smaller ($650-800bn seems the current range) and the composition between spending and tax cuts.  President Obama stressed on Tuesday that trillion dollar deficits are here to stay for several years, and it looks like part of the … Continue reading Overweight Fiscal? (The Obama Economic Plan)

Is Larry Summers The Next Gordon Brown?

Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, is in big trouble.  It turns out that a medium-sized industrialized democracy like the UK can be run in pretty much the same way as a traditional emerging market – fiscal irresponsibility (cyclically-adjusted general government deficit now forecast at 12.2 percent of GDP for 2010) gives you a boom for … Continue reading Is Larry Summers The Next Gordon Brown?

What If You Only Had $350bn To Spend?

Larry Summers made a convincing case yesterday that Congress should release the remaining $350bn of the TARP.  It’s good to see the Obama team emphasizing themes beyond the fiscal stimulus, including banks and housing.  Stronger governance and greater transparency are timely commitments for this program, and who can object to limits on executive compensation in … Continue reading What If You Only Had $350bn To Spend?